5 Best FF Locations For Beginners June 2022 Edition

Map Kalahari FF

Popularity of the game Free Fire make it a lot of arrivals of new players or beginners. If, you are one of them, you need to know these 5 best FF locations for the June 2022 issue.

The importance of maintaining a high K/D ratio has increased in Free Fire MAX as most players continue to use it to determine one's skill level. As a result, gamers are making every possible effort to improve and maintain that ratio at a high level.

For the battle royale mode, gamers should be extra careful when increasing their kill-to-death ratio as the map may be filled with campers and all-in rushers. As a result, it becomes important for the user to select the appropriate landing place or ff location.

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While some players might argue that hot drop ff locations can result in easy kills, exiting early can have a negative impact on the K/D ratio.

At the same time, landing in a remote and passive ff location can result in negligible kill counts and is not good for ensuring a positive impact on the K/D ratio. Therefore, here are some of the best ff locations to land on Free Fire MAX to increase the K/D ratio.

This article reflects the opinion of the author. The choice of drop off location is entirely subjective and depends on the trajectory of the aircraft.

FF Location List For Beginners

This is the best Free Fire MAX drop location to increase the K/D ratio. When players want to increase their K/D ratio in Free Fire MAX, they have to take well-calculated risks about when to engage in combat and when to avoid it.

Even after landing in the place below, users should show an intention to get some frags before they are eliminated while trying to avoid a quick exit.

Equator (Bermuda)

FF location

The Bermuda map was the first to be included in a Battle Royale game, and continues to be one of the most popular. On the map, the Equator occupies an excellent location because it is not too central or remote.

Several small houses ensure enough loot for everyone and offer decent ff locations for camping. It also provides a launch pad for quick rotation to the zone if necessary.

Gamers can quickly head to the Milky Way Path and other surrounding locations to engage in combat later in the match.

Forde (Purgatory)

FF location

Players will usually find the greatest action in Brasilia and several other places when playing the Purgatory map in Free Fire MAX. Taking that into account, the Forge, located in the eastern corner of the map, was one of the optimal areas for beginners.

This ff location rarely sees multiple squads land in it. At the same time, it has several other large buildings and small buildings that offer a decent amount of items which are sufficient for a squad or even when playing solo.

Once the user has gathered their firearms, they can carefully head to Campsite. Once they take control of a few houses, they can camp and wait for other players.

River Mouth (Alpine)

FF location
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Alpine is Free Fire MAX's newest battle royale map and features three separate islands. River Mouth is, in essence, the area surrounding one of the many bridges visible on the map. The terrain is easy to navigate for beginners, as there aren't many significant elevation changes.

Multiple buildings ensure sufficient loot with various firearms available to players. A good strategy can involve waiting for other players from Ocean View, Fusion, and Blue Ville while trying to cross using this bridge for an easy kill.

Due to its strategic importance, gamers may face stiff competition at times. In addition, players from the Stadium location may also try to control the River Mouth.

Central (Purgatory)

FF location

Contrary to what the name suggests, this site is not located in the center but rather to the south side of the map Purgatory on Free Fire MAX. It features multiple storied structures adjacent to each other on the site, each with a significant amount of loot.

With multiple squads landing here, players could easily camp and wait for their opponents. This is likely to result in several kills.

In addition to controlling the zipline, players can easily keep an eye on the bridge that leads to the Golf Course, where they can expect others. Slowly and surely, the player can control the bridge and move to the center of the map.

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Mars Electric (Bermuda)

FF location

Mars Electric is located in the southernmost corner of the Bermuda map in Free Fire MAX. The large area has a large central complex with several silos on one corner and two other buildings on the other.

This ff location offers a lot of loot for beginners and doesn't offer heavy competition on many occasions. As such, there isn't much risk of early elimination, which is how and why this area offers an opportunity to increase the K/D ratio.

Once players are done collecting firearms, they can easily head to Pochinok and the Factory, two popular drop off locations on the map to do some fighting. They will find a vehicle that will help them turn quickly.

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The list is in no particular order. In addition, only maps available in ranked mode are considered.

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