Fairy Tail: Forces Unite, Garena's First MMORPG Ready to Play

Fairy Tail: Forces Unite
Garena Indonesia offers more and more games. After Arena of Valor, Free Fire, then Point Blank, Garena also presents a game with a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game stream (MMORPG) with the title Fairy Tail: Forces Unite. Games it takes the idea from the famous anime
Fairy Tail.
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Fairy Tail Forces Unite

In the world of Fairy Tail, strength is part of determining whether to reach your goals and experience exciting adventures. Including the technique of increasing strength as a Wizard, namely utilizing powerful Equipment to strengthen Power. Players can obtain Equipment by completing the Main Story. It's just that the equipment that will be obtained is not much. Therefore, players can build the most powerful Equipment through the Forge Equipment menu.

Fairy Tail: Forces Unite is now available for download from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Interestingly, players will also get the SS Erza Scarlet character directly for free. Fairy Tail: Forces Unite players will join the adventures of Natsu, Lucy, and their friends. Not only that, various social accesses are also available, such as mentorship, guild, marriage, and a house-building mode to promote closer friendships between players.

Fairy Tail: Forces Unite players can activate Natsu's mainstay skill, Karyū no Hōkō or Fire Dragon's Roar. Also the greatness of Erza's Requip skill is "Heaven's Wheel Armor: Blumenblatt which is very powerful in defeating opponents. This game immediately grabbed the attention of game fans and Fairy Tail anime connoisseurs in the country. During the pre-registration period alone, around four million players have registered and want to play it immediately.

So players are welcome to choose 1 of the 8 Original characters provided. Players can also choose 9 Class options consisting of: Force, Requip, Velocity, Snow, Soundwave, Guardian, Alphabet, Cure, and Elixir, each of which has its own characteristics. Players can customize characters and then complete S-class missions in order to get the Best Wizard.

To make the game more exciting, Fairy Tail: Forces Unite brings various menus such as Outfit, Magic Beast, Mount, scoring the strongest Guild, to having a partner. In order for the formed guild to be even greater, players can search for SS Laxus Dreyar for free simply by logging in to the game every day. Not only that, players can also choose one of four good Elite Magic Beast choices, consisting of Yellow, Red, Blues, Green and Crown Cat. Players will also receive an exclusive Mount, Windchasing Horse if they log-in continuously for up to 14 days.

Yui's character carries the Force class focusing on single target physical attacks plus the Soundwave class. Meanwhile, Sheila has a Force class plus Velocity. During the battle, the player only needs to move the magic beast and his own character while the partner will carry out automatic attacks. In the battle player interface, special skills, magic, attack, bag, protect, defense to magic beasts can be applied. Magic beasts not only offer cute visuals, but can also support players during the battle.

There are various tricks in finding Magic Beasts, for example doing Main Quests, buying Silver Coins in the Magic Beast Shop, redeeming Beast Fragments, or buying Limited Bundles provided by the Shop. There are 5 kinds of Magic Beast that can be searched from this game, namely Elite, Wild, Rare, Epic to Legendary Magic Beast. Each type of Magic Beast offers its own advantages. The higher the Magic Beast level, the cooler the basic attributes and skills they have.

– Wild Magic Beast: Is a Magic Beast with low Attributes and Growth. Can be raised to Elite Magic Beast using Refine Potion.

– Elite Magic Beast: It is a Magic Beast that has pretty good Attributes and Growth. Trustworthy when doing battle, and can be upgraded to Rare Magic Beast through Refine Potion.

– Rare Magic Beast: Is a type of Magic Beast that has good Attributes and Growth. Can be selected as the mainstay Magic Beast and activated during battle.

– Epic and Legendary Magic Beast: This is the ultimate Magic Beast that must be mastered. This type of magic beast has strong skills as well as cool attributes. Can be upgraded to Epic/LegendaryMagic Beast Grade II and III utilizing Magic Beast Fragment. Magic Beast also presents Active and Passive Skills that are useful during battle. Players can issue new skills through the Magic Beast Skill Book. It can also be done by activating the Skill Slot and then obtaining a random ability with the "Evil Spirit Draft" item.

Meanwhile, as a way to strengthen the energy of Magic Beasts, there are several tricks that can be carried out including: running Refine, Development, Attributes, Comprehension Skills, and Wafers. Looking at the view given, it is certain that this game will require a more difficult strategy in completing the content it provides. Of course, this is one of the things that game enthusiasts have been waiting for with a turn-based flow. If you want to take a gift from pre-registration or Erza, just tap on a friend and then mail then if the player logs in for 3 days, they will also receive Laxus.

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