Extreme Way To Kill All PUBG Enemies Within 10 Meters

Weapon Recoil In PUBG Mobile

Close combat is often tense and dangerous in PUBG Mobile because you have to kill PUBG enemies or they will be killed. Check out the top PUBG Mobile tips to master melee combat and kill all PUBG enemies within 10 meters.

Close combat is about 5 to 10 meters. Since these situations are often tense and dangerous, you will need these PUBG Mobile tips for close combat and kill all PUBG enemies.

How to Slay PUBG Enemies With a Distance of 10 Meters

PUBG Mobile is the epitome of success in the video game field. This game is a free battle royale played by millions of players. Players land on a barren island full of weapons and then eliminate each other to be the last man standing.

In the battle royale genre, it becomes important to know the location of PUBG enemies to increase the chances of survival. You can plan an ambush on them or play defensively.

Make Tactical Moves

PUBG Enemies

To win most of the melee combat in PUBG Mobile, you must master the three most important factors: accuracy, movement, and use of cover.

Tactical moves can help PUBG Mobile players win every battle and do some 1 on 4 grips. Strong moves make you more active in battle and avoid rushing PUBG enemies.

Improve Accuracy

PUBG Enemies

In face-to-face combat, you have to keep moving left and right, jumping and crouching to dodge bullets. But you still have to keep the crosshair stable to shoot accurately.

Crosshair placement is the most basic skill but not all players can master it. Master crosshair placement for hip-firing and ADS.

This trick may not apply to most players as some may already know it. But if you change your playstyle to colorful, it will be easier to find enemies in the game. For new players, try using this graphic setting to see enemies more clearly.

Always Use Cover

PUBG Enemies

Don't engage unprotected, especially in hot-drop locations. Sometimes, you can't see all the enemies around. It's very risky if you reveal the whole body on the open ground.

So you need to have cover before engaging so you can react and hide quickly when shot from an unknown direction. Moreover, recoil and use cover when you need to reload bullets.

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Not all players play aggressively in the game, some prefer a defensive style of play. In the end, this game is all about survival.

So, always check nearby bushes and trees for enemies. However, after getting a hint about the possible enemies of PUBG, don't rush. Use grenades or snipers to eliminate them instantly.

Use Powerful Weapons

PUBG Enemies

Friend Vicigers must use powerful weapons in close combat. Always use a powerful weapon that can fire bullets. SMG, LMG, and AR are the best weapons for combat at 10 meters distance.

If you and your PUBG enemy shoot at the same time, you need to do more damage per second than him. Therefore, it also depends on the DPS status of the weapon you are using.

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Reaction Speed

PUBG Enemies

Reaction speed is also important. If you react slowly, you will immediately fall. Use hip-fire in instant combat when the enemy suddenly appears in front.

In addition, hip-firing is not as accurate as ADS within 10 meters. But it is better to do a hip-fire within 5 meters. Hip-firing also helps react faster in close combat.

Keep your crosshair low and quickly scan nearby areas to observe subtle movements on the ground. Reaction speed is a way to use in-game vision to change targets simultaneously.

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Above are the 5 most useful tips for PUBG Mobile players to win close combat and kill PUBG enemies quickly.

You can also learn and improve your skills. To find out more tips and tricks about games, you can visit VCGamers.com regularly every day.

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