5 Advantages of Hero Gatotkaca Mobile Legends, Most Useful!

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One of the heroes Mobile Legends native to Indonesia is Gatotkaca. Well, here are 5 advantages of the most useful Gatotkaca heroes which are definitely very useful.

Gatotkaca is one of the deadliest tank heroes in Mobile Legends, this hero has many benefits that can be maximized.

He himself was taken from the figure of a Javanese doll, he is known for his iron bones. The ability of this hero is greater than most tank heroes, he is still able to function well as a sidelaner.

For those of you who are still hesitant to buy and get to know this hero, there are five advantages to the Gatotkaca hero. Let's check everything. 

List of Hero Gatotkaca's Advantages

Gatotkaca is a tank hero who has deadly damage in Mobile Legends. Even so, you need to use the right build items. This will make him stronger and invincible. In this article you can see the advantages of the Gatotkaca hero.

Has Big Damage

The advantages of Hero Gatotkaca

The advantage of Gatotkaca hero in the first list is that he has a lot of damage, which is an advantage that tank heroes rarely get, because most of them have high endurance. He is very different from other tank heroes, here are the reasons why he has great damage.

First, because this hero has magic type damage, the damage to the Hero Mage is known to be very deadly. To maximize this benefit, you can use Mage items such as Concentrated Energy.

Then the second because of his passive skill (Steel Bones), this skill converts 2 percent of his lost HP into greater physical defense and gathers anger to intensify his basic damage in attacks.

This is of course very different from most other tanks, which are precisely their job as the team's main bodyguards because they have high strength.

Very different from this hero who is also in a strong condition with great damage. He relies on the power of his magic damage to deal massive damage to the enemy and also strengthens his basic attack.

High Durability

The advantages of Hero Gatotkaca

The advantage of the Gatotkaca hero also lies in that he has high strength, this advantage is very reasonable for a tank hero.

The reasons why his strength is so high are as follows: firstly, because he has very high physical and magical defense abilities, he allows him to play bars at the beginning of the game and at the end of the game.

The second reason is because of his passive skill (Steel Bones), this skill makes Gatotkaca's strength stronger when his HP decreases, not making this hero afraid of playing bars and open war. The final reason was of course because he used defensive items in his construction.

This is natural because he is a tank hero who has the stamina to take enemy attacks several times, but he is still strong enough to fight them.

Attack all types of heroes, starting from heroes who rely on physical strength and heroes who rely on magic. As a result, this hero will stay strong from the start of the game to the end of the game. In fact, this hero's passive ability can increase his strength again, causing his blood to thicken.

Have a Deadly CC Skill

The advantages of Hero Gatotkaca

Hero advantages Another Gatotkaca is that he has a lethal CC ability, thanks to these advantages this hero easily blocks the movement of the opponent's hero. Of the four skills obtained, three of them can provide crowd control effects. Skill One (Blast Iron Fist) gives a 30 percent slow effect.

Skill Two (Unbreakable) gives effect points for 1.5 seconds. Then the end of skill three (Avatar of the Guardian) for one second will cause a wind effect. With all these abilities, it was only natural that he would be greatly intimidated by his opponent.

There are 3 Gatotkaca skills that have a crowd control effect, this is the first skill that gives a 30 percent slow effect, the second skill that gives the enemy effect will move towards you within 1.5 seconds, and the last skill you have is carried in the air for 1 second .

Have Many Useful Skills

The advantages of Hero Gatotkaca

Hero advantages Gatotkaca that other tanks don't have is that it has a wide skill range, which is rarely owned by a hero who has this advantage.

Of the four skills he has, his third skill (Avatar of the Guardian) is the most advanced. Gatotkaca jumps to the designated place, causing a one second wind effect and 500 damage (+300 percent of the total magic power).

As you know, Gatotkaca's passive skill can give more HP, then there is a crowd control skill that can defeat the enemy and the ultimate skill also has a very far range and can defeat the enemy in 1 second to create air and the enemy takes 500 damage ( +300 total magic power).

This ability allows him to easily block the movement of the opponent's hero or escape from the pursuit of the opponent's hero. You have to try it!

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Hero Core Can Be Protected Well

The advantages of Hero Gatotkaca

The advantage of the last Gatotkaca hero is that he can protect hero cores very well, which is a useful advantage for teammates.

He has everything needed to protect the core hero from enemy hero attacks, such as: high strength to withstand all enemy hero attacks, many army restriction skills to prevent enemy hero attacks, and finally high damage to kill enemy heroes. With all these abilities, of course the core hero can be safe. Try!

In addition, his HP is also strong, this Gatotkaca hero is certainly ready to accept any attacks and skills issued by the opponent. In fact, this hero also has crowd control that can control the opponent's skills. 

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Those are some of the advantages of the Gatotkaca hero that you will get if you use it in this Mobile Legends game correctly.

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