Former Bigetron Player Joins Evos! EVOSMicorboyN9M Is Real?

Former Bigetron Player Joins Evos!

Instead of retiring which was announced directly on Bigetron Esports' Instagram, the team that had raised him, it turned out that Microboy had moved to EVOS Esports.

This was revealed directly through an official video statement from EVOS Esports on its official Youtube Channel.

The man named Nizar Lugatio Pratama also uploaded a photo on his personal Instagram with blue lighting that reads "A new journey"

In addition, he also openly wrote an Instagram bio "professional player of @evosesports".


This raises many pros and cons as well as the question why should Microboy move to EVOS Esports?

If examined, Bigetron Esports is the best PUBG Mobile team in Indonesia that has won various international PUBG Mobile championships or world champions.

This has become a byword for esports fans in Indonesia, especially the PUBG Mobile game.

The video of Microboy's inauguration being part of EVOS Esports has also become number 2 trending on Youtube Game.

At the opening of the video, Microboy said, "Being a world champion is indeed something to be proud of, not everyone has the opportunity to be there."

He also thinks that many people consider this the highest achievement of a pro player.

"But for me, I just want to prove to myself that I can be more than just a champion and I can succeed wherever I am," he continued.

In the video, Microboy is seen holding a card bearing the Bigetron Esports logo and after the card is turned over, an EVOS Esports logo is visible.

While holding the card, Microboy also said, “Now, this is where the cave proof is. Now, I'm roaring with you, EVOS Esports!”

The video entitled "WELCOMING MICROBOY" as of the writing of this article has received more than 30 thousand comments, where the top comments are dominantly encouraging for Microboy.

However, not infrequently there are also oblique opinions about the existence of Microboy in the previous team, Bigetron Red Aliens.

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