STUN Mobile Legends Event with Season 20 Permanent Skin Prize, How?

STUN Mobile Legends Event with Permanent Skin Prizes, Here's How to Get It!


Hello Vicigers friends, Euphoria 515 eParty STUN Mobile Legends event has started. This STUN event is a kickoff for the launch of Chou, Brody, and Selena's STUN skins.

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This STUN event, you get many tasks and find various scattered clues and match them with the given puzzle. If it's true, you will get lots of interesting prizes, one of which is a permanent skin!

How to play STUN events this? You can follow the guide below.

How to play events STUN Mobile Legends

STUN Mobile Legends Event with Permanent Skin Prizes, Here's How to Get It!
Source : mlbbparty

To play the STUN Mobile Legends event, follow these steps.

  1. From the menu/lobby select Event, then select 515 eParty, then select Limited Merchandise
  2. Select the Go Now button, then you will be taken into a studio room
  3. Your goal is to find 9 clues scattered throughout the studio
  4. If you get 9 hints, you can match them to get prizes

Instruction events STUN Mobile Legends

To make your search easier, here are some leaked clues that you can find along with their location.

  1. Instruction: Harith Pictures, Location: Little blue arcade machine on the table
  2. Instruction: Selena Pictures, Location: On screen arcade orange
  3. Instruction: STUN logo, Location: At DJ Brody's table
  4. Instruction: skateboard, Location: Stick on the wall
  5. Instruction: Brody Pillow, Location: On the sofa
  6. Instruction: Chou Stickers, Location: On the machine arcade red
  7. Instruction: purple mic, Location: On the red chair
  8. Instruction: Blueprint Phoverus, Location: Green table next to DJ Brody's table
  9. Instruction: 515 logos, Location: Select machine arcade pink, share go to social media, then select joystick red.
How to match clues and exchange gifts
Source : mlbbparty
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You can exchange them for attractive prizes, one of which is permanent skins! Here's how to exchange the gift.

  1. Press the orange smartphone button in the left corner of the screen, then select the Help icon with the image of Kagura
  2. Pay attention to the explanation given by Kagura, then match the explanation with the clues you just found. For example, if the puzzle mentions Chou and a skateboard, select the hint on the sticker Chou and a skateboard.
  3. If correct, you will get a notification
  4. Select Claim
  5. After all the clues are matched, return to the menu/lobby and check the Inbox to get the prize

Those are the Vicigers some leaks for the STUN Mobile Legends event. Have fun playing and get the prizes!

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