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The esports industry has now dominated the world, there have been more and more esports matches in the world from various games with different genres and different levels ranging from regional, national, to international. The esports scene is usually not only filled with professional players, there are also many regional level competitions that bring together players amateurs.

But even so, the Esports tournament in each game is the tournament that every fan has been waiting for, especially if the tournament is an international tournament.

Therefore, esports tournaments in the world often throw up prizes that are considered luxurious in the amount of up to billions of rupiah. So, now, esports is not just a hobby but can also be a career because the prizes you get are no joke.

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Esports Terms
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Esports, which stands for Electronic Sports, is a form of competition using video games. Esports competitions are often held professionally, either as professional players, individually, or as a team.

Even though esports competitions have been organized for a long time and have become part of the video game culture, some of the esports scene was still considered amateurish until the late 2000s and the esports scene increased sharply when there was participation by professional gamers and spectators watching these competitions live. livestream.

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In 2010, Esports became an important part of the video game industry as more and more game developers actively design and provide funding for tournaments and other events.

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Due to the increasing prevalence of Esports in the international arena, more and more players from any Esports team are using terms in Esports. Using these terms is not without reason, of course the players want smoother communication when they are in a competitive scene both on a regional and international scale.

We as fans of esports, of course, must also understand these terms, apart from being able to apply them when we are playing, we can also understand and understand the meanings and terms of pro-players that they often use.

Here are the terms in Esports that you must know!

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Esports Terms

Esports Terms
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There are many terms in the world of esports that Vicigers must understand. The point is none other than to understand communication between teams both when playing or watching your favorite team competing in Esports tournaments.

Here are the esports terms that you must know:

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  1. Poaching: Poaching is a term that refers to an Esports team that hijacks players from other teams. The word Poaching itself is taken from English which means piracy or hunting illegally.
  2. EZ: EZ is a slang-word of "easy". This word is often used if players think the fight or game is easy and they will issue these words.
  3. GGWP: GGWP stands for “Good Game Well Played”. This word is usually used when a team wins a game by showing a good game.
  4. GLHF: Similar to GGWP, GLHF stands for "Good Luck and Have Fun". Usually the word GLHF is used to encourage each other so that the team plays with each other have fun.
  5. NT: NT stands for “Nice Try”. This term is usually used when your team loses a match but wants to encourage each other.
  6. GT: GT stands for “Good Try”. This term is similar to Nice Try
  7. GJ: Good Job is an abbreviation of "Good Job". This term is used when a team wins a round of matches.
  8. IMBA: IMBA stands for "Imbalance". Imbalance itself is taken from English which means "unbalance". This term is often used when the opponent's hero or character is too strong to be defeated throughout the match, so strong that even our team can't beat him and the strategy that was planned from the start becomes chaotic.
  9. BO: BO stands for "Best Of". This term is often used in Esports tournaments as the format. Usually there is a lift after the word BO such as BO3, BO5, etc. If you use this term, later each player or team will know the number in the match they will play.
  10. Meta: Meta is a term taken from "Metagames" which describes state of a game, be it characters, lineup, items, elements, etc. Of course the Meta of the game will change over time because every game will experience patches or update each character or item.
  11. Terminated: Usually the term Terminated is used for genre games battle royale as PUBG, Free Fire, CODM, etc. Terminated itself has a meaning, namely where a squad was defeated by the team. If all members squad die, then they will terminated and exit the game.
  12. Speedrun: Speedrun is a term where a team wants a match or battle to be completed quickly. This is done so that a team can break certain records.
  13. Smurfing: Smurfing is a term where proplayer who pretend to be a Newbie or a beginner in order to avoid in-game matchmaking.
  14. Rage Quit: This term describes the condition of a player who leaves the game due to anger, either angry with his own team or the team.
  15. Overpowered: This is a term where the hero, item, or skill of the hero is too strong so that it becomes unbalanced when used.
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