Enjoying Optical Illusion Technology in Monument Valley Game

The existence of this game from Ustwo has succeeded in providing fresh air for variations in mobile gaming. Monument Valley is a different game than usual. Monument Valley is a game with a puzzle adventure concept that tells the journey of Ida, a princess to find her true identity. This game is indeed not a game with an emphasis on the strength of the story, but artistic visuals as well as the type of puzzle used.

Impossible Object

Monument Valley using tap to move controls where the player's journey begins with walking on a very well designed path. The path is visualized according to the impossible object rule, a variation of optical illusion by interpreting 2D objects into 3D objects. Almost every stage encountered in Monument Valley uses impossible objects for the core puzzle that is applied.

The optical illusion technology requires players to be able to think and see different objects from each direction. For example, at level 5, players cannot observe clearly, the available ladders are composed of various pieces of platforms. However, after the player rotates the building correctly, the player will know that the pieces will form a unified whole as a ladder. The player's point of view when observing will affect the position of the object that appears.

In addition to impossible objects, players also encounter what is called a button. This button is useful for accessing paths or other hidden objects that function in opening the next stage of the puzzle provided. Player Monument Valley You will also find 2 types of platform player devices, the first type is a player that can be played at any time if the player wants. While the next type is a player that can only be played without Ida's presence on the platform being played.

No Game Over

Players will not experience game over in Monument Valley, but it looks like a game will not be so exciting if there is no antagonist character. Ida has a barrier in the shape of a black crow. Although the crow is a barrier, it will not result in game over players. The bird will only hinder the player's steps. Sometimes players are even required to use the black crow to make it easier for Ida to advance to the next scene.

Monument Valley is a game about a special experience that must be experienced alone. Players can enjoy second by second completing each stage in a relaxed manner. Each level provided in Monument Valley is designed in an interesting way and unlike most. Players will not experience repeated activities in this game. All puzzle plots have been cleverly designed and not every puzzle is visualized in one scene, players may complete several puzzles first in order to access the next puzzle.

Enough 10 Levels

Monument Valley may not be a game that can be enjoyed for a long time. There are not many total levels in Monument Valley, only 10. However, most levels are composed of more than 1 scene. Players with brilliant brains may be able to complete this game in just 90 minutes or even less, where the time needed to complete each stage is an average of 15 minutes according to the level of difficulty and playing skills.

Stunning 2D Graphics

From a graphic standpoint, Monument Valley's visual superiority is unquestionable. This game is described with smooth 2D graphics, for example water is depicted using a low poly model and of course the brilliant visualization of impossible objects. Monument Valley is a really classy game in terms of gameplay and graphics. Which makes it worthy of being awarded as one of the candidates for game of the year in 2014.

Premium Games

Monument Valley can be downloaded by paying Rp. 45,000 in both the Apple App Store and the Play Store for Android. If players are choosing a game that is able to give a special sensation that is brief but detailed, it is very fun to choose Monument Valley.

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