Enjoy the Powerful Rocket Explosion Effect in Bazooka Boy

Android mobile games with shooter concepts are always fun to play. Especially if the weapon used is a bazooka. Bazooka is a type of portable weapon to launch a rocket at a target. The target that is often targeted by the bazooka is the tank. In game Bazooka Boy it's not the tanks that are aimed but the humans. Check out how exciting the game is with a focus on this destructive weapon.

Puzzle Games

Created by developer Supersonic Studios, games Bazooka Boy gives missions to players so that they can destroy every enemy in a stage. Players must be able to finish off the enemy by throwing rockets from the bazooka. Players also have to destroy the enemy base so that nothing is left. But please note, in this Bazooka Boy game, players are only given three rocket units to launch. Therefore, players must consider a strategy so that they can provide the maximum destruction effect with just the three rocket units.

Rocket Shooting Technique

In this game, the player is not assigned to control the character at all Bazooka Boy  but only set the target for shooting the weapon. Players simply tap on the screen, then slide their finger in the opposite direction of the desired shot. It must be noted that the rocket fire that is carried out also adheres to the law of gravity. That means the shot path becomes curved according to the gravity of the earth.

Because it's a player Bazooka Boy  must be able to accurately estimate the rocket's fall point using the line that is shown. The player's mission at each level is to kill all the enemies that appear armed with only three rockets. As mentioned earlier, this game applies the laws of Physics and ragdolls. That way each explosion that occurs affects various objects in the vicinity that may be affected and fall. Then the targeted enemy can be bounced according to the laws of ragdoll.

Game Over

In Bazooka Boy In this the player must end the game if the rocket runs out, or make a mistake so that the Bazooka Boy is killed. Such carelessness, for example, launches a rocket but instead hits yourself. It could also be caused by being hit by an object that bounced off the impact of a rocket explosion which then hit Bazooka Boy. In this game, players not only blow up the base using the usual methods, but also with special techniques. For example a portal that can deflect rocket fire, or a stretch of rubber that can cause a rocket to bounce back.

Explosion Visuals

Character depiction Bazooka Boy  actually not so detailed, because only stickman colored blue. It's just that players will be able to customize the appearance using a variety of costumes, then also change weapons that are available with many choices but must be unlocked beforehand. What's interesting about this Bazooka is actually the visual of the explosion effect that looks very extraordinary, including the enemy being bounced off by the rocket explosion.

Offline Games

Games Bazooka Boy is a selection of free games. This game also does not require the device to be connected to the internet in order to run. So many ads can be removed by simply disabling Internet access on the device. There is no stamina or energy system in this Bazooka Boy, but players must watch advertisements if they want to unlock various customizations. Only one microtransaction feature available in this game is if the player wants to activate the "No Ads" feature or without ads.

Offering an array of fun obstacles and natural-looking explosion effects, Bazooka Boy  including a selection of games that are truly capable of providing entertainment to players. There's nothing wrong with trying Bazooka Boy to prove the fun. Have a nice play!

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