Cool! Eldegoss Pokemon Unite Can Buff Teammates And Debuff Opponents! Auto GG Here!

Eldegoss Pokemon Unite

Eldegoss Pokemon Unite is one of the pokemon support powerful. When you can play Eldegoss well in Pokemon Unite, skillsetit can benefit your team and harm the opposing team.

Skillset Eldegoss can buff teammates and nerf the opposing team, so Eldegoss is touted as a good meta support. all-rounder. Trainer those who use Eldegoss will also usually do a lot poke in early game and attack support in mid game.

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Anything skillset Which Eldegoss in Pokemon Unite can you optimize and watch out for? What is the optimal team composition if you or your colleagues use Eldegoss? Then, how to deal with the Eldegoss that the opponent used with skillsetthe troublesome one?

The above questions will be answered by the discussion below. Listen, take notes and try the suggestions below so that you understand more about gameplay Eldegoss in Pokemon Unite.

Skillset Eldegoss Pokemon Unite

Skills 1 – Leafage

eldegoss pokemon unite leafage

Leafage Skills is ranged attack which will make Gosiffleur (Eldegoss' initial form) shoot leaves at the opponent's pokemon in a straight line. Skills this will be your mainstay for early game because it can make the opponent's pokemon hit slow.

CD from skills this is 4.5 seconds. CD This will provide an advantage for your team because it can bespam in a relatively short time. If your opponent uses Eldegoss, you must always keep a safe distance so you don't get affected slow.

When Gosifleur reached level 4 and change to Eldegoss, you can choose two skills new, that is Pollen Puff and Leaf Tornado.

Pollen Puff (Level 4)

eldegoss pokemon unite pollen puff

here skills Eldegoss Pokemon Unite that benefits friends and harms enemies. Eldegoss will attach a powder which when attached to a teammate's pokemon will give heal, and when pasted in pokemon the opponent will give damage.

What's interesting about skills this is, the higher the Eldegoss Level, the higher it is damage and heal resulting from.

Skills it has CD 6 seconds only. You can also use skills This is for spam buff friend and debuff opponent for supplies mid game.

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Leaf Tornado (Level 4)

eldegoss pokemon unite leaf tornado

Eldegoss will blow a tornado in a straight line from a distance. Different from Pollen Puff, skills it gives your partner pokemon buff movement speed at the same time give damage for the affected pokemon opponent skills this.

Skills it has CD for 9 seconds. Skills Leaf Tornado it will be suitable if your teammates do tactics offensive due to effect skills this will give your partner movement speed to drive to goals who are in the arena.

Skills 2 – Synthesis

eldegoss pokemon unite synthesis

Gosiffleur (or Eldegoss) will give heal for your teammates pokemon. Skills This is also one of the reasons Eldegoss is a multitalented pokemon in the world early nor mid game.

CD from skills this is 8 seconds. To save skills With this, you can gather your comrades around Gosiffleur to get heal from him. Skills it has two other options once Eldegoss reaches level 6, namely Cotton Guard and Cotton Spore

Cotton Guard (Level 6)

eldegoss pokemon unite cotton guard

Eldegoss in the Pokemon Unite arena will give shield for him and the teammate pokemon around him. Addition from skills this is heal of 30% from shield Eldegoss. At maximum level, skills this will add movement speed Eldegoss.

Skills it has CD for 9 seconds. Same as Synthesis, you must use skills It's near your comrades so they can get it too shield.

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Cotton Spore (Level 6)

eldegoss pokemon unite cotton spore

Eldegoss will collect the powder until the blue bar is full, then release a small explosion that throws the opponent's Pokemon into the air while slowing it down. movement speed they.

Skills This Eldegoss can buff himself and give damage as well as debuff for a useful opponent for CC. Use skills this is so that you and your teammates can ganking opponent pokemon. CD skills this is 6 seconds.

Unite Move Cotton Cloud Crash (Level 9)

eldegoss pokemon unite skill ulti

Eldegoss jumps and floats with his cloud, then hits the ground and gives an attack AoE which will push away the opponent's pokemon as well heal teammate pokemon.

Ulti This Eldegoss Pokemon Unite is also one of the skills which is troublesome for the opponent especially in mid game until late game. If you play as Eldegoss' comrade, you have to approach Eldegoss before he does ultimate. If you fight Eldegoss, it's better to just run away because the attack range is quite wide.

Optimal Team Composition With Eldegoss Pokemon Unite

Eldegoss and Snorlax duet

eldegoss pokemon unite with snorlax

If you use Eldegoss in the Pokemon Unite arena and your teammates are using Snorlax, then you can focus on playing in the Pokemon Unite arena. bottom lane.

Why? Because bottom lane is the nest of Drednaw (wild pokemon) as well as the main goal of the trainer who wants to target Zapdos at the end of the game.

Defeating Drednaw will reduce damage Zapdos so bottom lane did not escape from where the fierce battle took place. To do this tactic, you need to place one pokemon in the top lane, one in mid lane, then three di bottom lane.

eldegoss pokemon unite with absol

The recommended Pokemon for this tactic are Pokemon that can do solo play, such as Lucario, Zeraora, Absol. Likewise in mid lane, you need to place a pokemon that has agile moves, such as Greninja or Pikachu.

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First of all, you can position Snorlax as tanker concurrently carry in bottom lane, then spam skills Tackle or heavy slam, and cover Eldegoss (as well as one other pokemon) to ward off opponents and secure position spawn Drednaw.

In this case, you need to be sensitive to use healing skills, assisted by debuff skills opponent (Leafage or Leaf Tornado). If Eldegoss can access Cotton Shield, Use skills This is for support Snorlax.

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Duet Eldegoss And Slowbro

eldegoss pokemon unite with slow bro

If you use this tactic, make sure you place Slowbro as a pokemon in the top lane and mid lane, while Eldegoss followed Slowbro's movements. These two pokemon have a pretty good cooperation, before and after evolving.

Eldegoss can give debuff on his opponent through attacks Leaf Tornado while Slowbro can blow away opponents with attacks Telekinesis-his. You can also use skills Cotton Spore followed by Surf or Scaldby Slowbro.

eldegoss pokemon unite with zeraora

If you choose a team with this composition, you should play jungle, using Venusaur as a specialist jungle as well as Absol, Machamp and Zeraora in bottom lane.

Absol and Zeroora's speed couldcover Machamp as tanker, can also help mid lane just in case an opponent is aiming lane the. Eldegoss and Slowbro can also move to mid lane if you try to beat Zapdos.

Eldegoss and Crustle duet

eldegoss pokemon unite with crustle

Eldegoss and Crustle have abilities CC which is effective because you can use skills Cotton Spore followed by Stealth Rock also Unite Movethe one who can stun opponent pokemon.

Before doing this, make sure you place Crustle on the top lane accompanied by Blastoise (or pokemon with shield generate and status MOBILE PHONE high) tocover Crustle.

eldegoss pokemon unite with bulbasaur

Meanwhile, Eldegoss became bottom laner and paired with agile pokemon in the Pokemon Unite arena, such as Pikachu, Cramorant, Venusaur, to rotate positions with Eldegoss.

Just now mid and late game, you can do a combination of these attacks either to face the opponent or defeat the Wild Pokemon. This Eldegoss and Crustle duet is effective if you play in bottom line.

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4 Pokemon For Counter Eldegoss Pokemon Unite

Eldegoss is a better pokemon support status compared attacker in Pokemon Unite. Accurate tactics to do counter against Eldegoss is through a pokemon that has ranged attack or movement speed tall one. Some of them are Pikachu, Absol, Zeraora and Gengar.


eldegoss pokemon unite at counter pikachu

You can spam skills Thunder Shock to stun Eldegoss in the Pokemon Unite arena for a moment so he will have trouble escaping from your attacks.

Dash attack Pikachu can also chase Eldegoss in the Pokemon Unite arena which has an effect stun for just a few seconds.

Follow it with a combination of Pikachu's normal attacks so that Eldegoss will be defeated quickly without having time to attack and provide support in the Pokemon Unite arena.


eldegoss pokemon unite is totally countered

Unite Move Absol which has an effect AoE with this fast successive attack is often a nightmare for pokemon support, including Eldegoss.

Besides that, skills its 5th level, Pursuit, it's also dash attack which can be combined with Absol's basic attacks.

When Eldegoss is having fun jungling, you can easily aim at Eldegoss before he can use Cotton Spore-his.

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eldegoss pokemon unite at counter zeraora

Zeroora could be said to have skillset which is powerful enough for counter Eldegoss Pokemon Unite. Skillset Zeroora is almost entirely based melee, combo and speed so that it would be difficult for Eldegoss to escape unless he wascover enemy.

At the very least, you can use skills Wild Charge, Volt Switch/Spark and Agility if you want to catch up with Eldegoss who ran away andcover by his partner.

Unite Move Zeraora's is also quite powerful against Eldegoss and the opponent's pokemon thatcover-his.


eldegoss pokemon unite counter gengar

Using Gengar for counter Eldegoss is recommended for those of you who are familiar with gameplay-his. When you use Unite Move Gengar, you must be able to position Gengar on target, and it will be quite troublesome if Eldegoss issupport by his partner.

However, in early game you can use skills Lick to attract a runaway Eldegoss, or to attract a pokemon thatcover-his. Sludge Bomb Gengar's can also bespam to defeat Eldegoss for having an effect poison.

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Even though Eldegoss is one of the support best of all, it still has to be paired with the right pokemon in the Pokemon Unite arena. There will always be a gap to penetrate skillset Eldegoss Pokemon Unite. So, you can maximize Eldegoss' negligence in Pokemon Unite so you don't have to face it, Vicigers!

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