2021 Microsoft Releases Edge Browser Android Version To Rival Chrome


For anyone looking for a different web browser for Android, Microsoft has a surprising new offering. Yes, right! Edge browser comes in Android version!

While it may be a bit surprising to many that Microsoft has taken so long to produce an Android version of the Edge browser, this browser version's sudden release, without a build, is arguably even more astonishing.

But this is exactly what happened. Suddenly, a preview version of Microsoft Edge has appeared on Google Play, giving Android users new options for browsing the web.

For anyone who has invested the time and effort in switching from old Internet Explorer or Edge to the Chromium-based version of Edge on Windows 10, the arrival of the Android version is great news to stay in the ecosystem when moving to smartphones.

The browser functionality comes mostly as you'd expect, and makes it possible to sync browsing data between devices. This means that later you can start surfing the web on your PC, and easily continue on your smartphone.

Other features found in this first version of the Edge browser for Android include Bing-powered translations, tracking prevention, Microsoft Defender Smartscreen filtering and a choice between light and dark themes. There is no information at this time whether this browser has support for browser extensions.

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Switch to Edge Browser?

Edge Browser for Android

Since this is a preview version, it is possible that this initial version of Edge for Android is not completely stable. Microsoft seeks feedback from anyone who installs it, be it positive/negative. Microsoft also said:

“Want to be one of the first to try what's new? Microsoft Edge preview version is now available for mobile! This is the Microsoft Edge Canary channel for Android. Canary will be released every day so you get the latest information about our progress. Fedback is something that can help us to improve quality, so download it now and let us know what you think. “

If you're interested in trying Edge for Android, it's available to download for free from Google Play, and is compatible with Android 5 and up.

So how about Vicigers? Are you familiar with Chrome? Intend to move to the Edge browser?

Actually, there are many advantages, such as making it easier to sync from the desktop version of Edge to the mobile version of Edge on your cellphone.

But indeed Chrome can do this too, so now the choice is entirely yours!

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