Easy Ways to Change the Voice of Indonesian Hero Mobile Legends Season 20

Easy Ways to Change the Voice of Hero Mobile Legends to Indonesian


Hallo Vicigers friends, Finally Mobile Legends provides Indonesian voice over options. This time we will show you how to change the voice of Mobile Legends to Indonesian!

After the April 12, 2021 patch update, Mobile Legends finally has a feature to choose what language you want to use as voice over. Exactly what we discussed in the article 515 eParty.

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The available languages are also quite diverse, ranging from English, Indonesian, to Turkish. So you are free to choose which language you want to listen to.

The presence of the voice over language choice is indeed quite useful considering that Mobile Legends is in demand by various groups. Starting from school children to adults with a variety of work backgrounds.

So now elementary school children who do not understand English can understand what their mainstay heroes are saying.

The availability of voice over in Indonesian is shared through MLBB Indonesia's social media accounts.

In the trailer, it can be seen that several popular heroes say their trademark taglines but use Indonesian voices. One of them is Gatot Kaca who is a hero who comes from Indonesian folklore.

Easy Ways to Change the Voice of Indonesian Hero Mobile Legends Season 20
Source : GGWP.ID

Although originally from Indonesia, Gatot Kaca previously only used English as voice over, in contrast to Kadita, who had used Indonesian from the start.

Gatot Kaca is seen releasing his flagship voice over lines but in Indonesian, complete with his distinctive “Om telolet om” line.

How to Change Indonesian

Without further ado, here's how to change the voice of the Mobile Legends hero to Indonesian 2021:

  • Open the Mobile Legends application on your Smartphone
  • After entering the main page, press the settings button located in the upper right corner of your Smartphone screen, to the left of the signal logo.
  • Enter the settings menu, press the "Language" button
Source : GGWP.ID
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  • After that press the "Sound" button
  • Then select “Indonesian” if you want to change the voice over to Indonesian
Source : GGWP.ID
  • Please restart your Mobile Legends application
  • Please play Mobile Legends with Indonesian voice


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