Easy Ways to Get Bots on PUBG Mobile

In playing PUBG Mobile, meeting bots is an advantage in itself. Because the bot will increase the number of kills and the bot itself is also not as dangerous as a real opponent. Here, we will review how to easily meet bot opponents in PUBG Mobile.

The bot itself is not a real player that moves automatically and is harmless. For PUBG players, meeting bots is their hope. Therefore, you must understand the types of bots. So you can tell the difference between bots and real players.

Features of Bots in PUBG Mobile

There are several things that can distinguish a bot from a real player. For some, it's hard to tell the difference between bots and real players. But for those of you who are already pros, you must have recognized the bot with real players. The following are the characteristics of bots in PUBG:

  • Can't jump
  • Never hide
  • Not using a vehicle
  • The aim is so bad
  • Often appears suddenly
  • Very few weapons
  • Using a strange and unclear name
  • When there is a gunshot, bots will appear.

How to Get Bot Enemies in PUBGM

It's no secret that bots are the hope of PUBG players. Because bots can be killed easily without using certain skills. Here are some ways you can do to get bot opponents on PUBG Mobile. Among others are :

  • Use KRJP Server

Many players use this server to increase rank. Because, this KJRP server is often used by noob players. This server is perfect for you if you want to meet bot players. Because, here, there are lots of novice or amateur players who are only used to find victory or chicken dinner.

  • Use European Server

Similar to the KJRP server, the European server is also a subscription for novice or amateur players. So, you will find bots easily on this server. However, on this server there are a lot of European players who are getting better. So, you will also find players with good skills.

The Place with Lots of Bots in PUBG Mobile

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