EA Gives Maradona an Award in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

EA Gives Maradona an Award in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team
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Vicigers, the news of Diego Maradona's death on the evening of November 25 has left the football world in mourning. The former Argentina national team player is not just a legend for his country, he is an icon and one of the best players in football history. The grief experienced by the football community for Maradona's passing has an impact on the world of gaming and esports as well.

EA's tribute to Maradona

EA has added a tribute to the late Maradona to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. It includes a touching menu message, a tifo, and the Argentina National Kit and carries a message from FIFA towards the late Maradona

FIFA 21 Maradona

"To honor and celebrate the life of a true icon, Tifo Maradona and the Argentina national team jersey have been added to your FUT (Fifa Ultimate Team) club." This message welcomes all FIFA 21 players who open the game, and unlock Ultimate Team. Players can find all of these prizes on the store page and there will be notifications about new items in your account.

Maradona's FUT Items

The Maradona item that can be found on this FUT Store page is a new addition from EA, offering FIFA 21 Tifo Diego Maradona, and Argentina's national Home and Away Kit. Players will be able to add Tifo Diego Maradona to their stadium for FUT 21 matches, and wear the Argentina National Kit for all their Ultimate Team matches. Diego Maradona tribute content is now available in-game, so players can honor Maradona in their own FUT stadium in FIFA 21.

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