Dragon Ball Super Broly Was Regarded As Unsatisfactory, Really

Dragon Ball Super Broly Broly's Childhood

Vicigers, as VCGamers has reported, that Dragon Ball Super is arguably not as successful as Dragon Ball Z, even though many say that the progress of the story is getting better. At first the story was very weak, but after this the series found momentum with the character Goku Black. This series actually takes a negative step by dedicating a considerable amount of time to the Tournament of Power which turns out to be just 'meh'. So it's no wonder that many DB fans are skeptical about the first film in this universe that chose the title Dragon Ball Super Broly.

However, this film far exceeded many people's expectations. Even though the storyline in this film leaves a lot of big questions, Dragon Ball Super Broly manages to become one of the best entries in this Japanese franchise. Not only that, Broly actually proves that Akira Toriyama is still capable of writing deep stories with adequate character development. And here are 10 important facts from Dragon Ball Super Broly that surprised Dragon Ball fans.

Broly's Childhood

Dragon Ball Super Broly Broly's Childhood

Over the years, Broly was presented as a giant maniac who was completely personalityless. Which Broly is at the same time the lowest point in the transitional moment of the Dragon Ball story. With the announcement that DB Super will canonize Broly, it's only natural that many fans assume that he will get an identical character to before.

However, Akira Toriyama really had his eyes set on Broly. Instead of portraying him as a monster, Broly is presented as a kind-hearted young man who can't control his strength. In many ways, he became very much like Gohan, only a little more mean and clumsy. This friendly Broly makes the Dragon Ball Super Broly audience completely surprised and sympathize with him.

Broly Character Development

Broly Character Development

Early on in the film, there's really no indication that Broly will stick around as a main character. He will of course come face to face with Goku and Vegeta, two characters who when pushed to their limits will kill their enemies.

But the decision to let Broly live succeeded in expanding the scope of the Dragon Ball Super series. Of all the currently existing Saiyans, Broly is the only one with untapped character potential to develop new plots. Broly has a story to tell and one that can only be told if he lives.

Goku is not the main character

Dragon Ball Super Broly Goku Not Main Character

Goku is almost always the most likely choice to save the Dragon Ball universe. Even when another character defeats the main enemy, Goku always play a major role in ensuring the heroes will always win.

Interestingly, Goku doesn't play that role in Dragon Ball Super Broly. The highlight of the film is when Gogeta tries to beat Broly. This moment completely reverses the Dragon Ball script, which of course is a truly unique experience.

Goku Isn't Even a Main Character

Goku Isn't Even a Main Character

Yes, Goku isn't even the main character of this film. Out of the three main leads, Goku is the last to be officially introduced. At its core, this is a story about Broly. The film follows the moment of his birth, his development, and his first confrontation with the people who may forever change him: Goku and Vegeta.

But the film also doesn't say that Goku isn't the main character, but it's not the story. Broly becomes the only character in the film with a lot of clear story development. Aside from just a few barely noteworthy moments, Goku gets very little character development in this film.

Goku Refuses to Use Ultra Instinct

Goku Refuses to Use Ultra Instinct

Almost every time Goku gets a new form, he's always in big trouble. When he finally triggered Ultra Instinct in the Tournament of Power, everyone assumed that this would be the next step in developing his power levels. Interestingly, it turns out that Goku cannot trigger Ultra Instinct at will.

Instead of triggering Ultra Instinct to save the world, Goku actually fused into Gogeta and didn't use his strongest power. This revelation clearly provides an opportunity for Broly's character to develop his strength further.

Vegeta vs. Broly

Vegeta vs. Broly

Movies in the Dragon Ball universe always have a plot where each enemy must be stronger than the previous enemy. Whoever the opposing character is at that time will definitely carry the scent of the main antagonist before Goku defeats him. This happened to Piccolo, and then it happened to Vegeta.

But when Vegeta meets Broly, everyone hopes Vegeta will be able to step aside to give the other Saiyans a chance to face him. When Vegeta decided to fight Broly first, it became clear that Vegeta had self-destructed. But he didn't lose. Instead, he almost won outright. Goku has to step in to stop Vegeta from killing Broly.

Gogeta's power

Dragon Ball Super Broly Gogeta's Power

For a long time, the fusion between Goku and Vegeta was divided between two different "canon" in Dragon Ball. Vegetto is a “canon” amalgamation, he is a character that Goku and Vegeta will merge into over the course of a defined horizontal plot story. Gogeta is a “non-canon” amalgamation of the character Toei will use in the film and GT.

Of course, Gogeta will be used in this Dragon Ball Super Broly film, but the problem is that he is still in a film written by Akira Toriyama himself. For the first time in the series, both Vegetto and Gogeta are canon characters. More importantly, it shows DB fans that Goku and Vegeta are willing to fuse themselves to achieve positive results.

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A Simple, Yet Touching Prologue

A Simple, Yet Touching Prologue

For some, Dragon Ball Super is sorely lacking in terms of pathos, which is certainly surprising given how difficult the levels of enemies are faced at both the narrative and thematic levels. After blurring the lines between Goku and his ideals, along with what made Dragon Ball a world-renowned series. DB Super barely does much to meaningfully reflect on the story.

This makes the prologue of the Dragon Ball Super Broly film even more interesting. The film opens with nearly 30 minutes of pure Saiyan content. Not only that, it's Saiyan content that focuses on the more emotional and tragic elements of their downfall and culture. This may not serve much of a narrative purpose, but this approach certainly left a big impact on fans.

Thinking Goku Broly Stronger Than Beerus

Goku Thinks Broly Is Stronger Than Beerus

It is difficult for the “strongest character” to remain the strongest in Dragon Ball. Each story period will usually increase the level of challenge and each new arc will introduce a new character meant to push Goku even further. And believe it or not, Beerus would definitely be far from the strongest.

Beerus' role was specifically set up to be a benchmark Goku could never reach, but by revealing that Broly might be stronger it doesn't seem like Beerus will keep Goku under him much longer. If Broly is set to grow as far as Goku, that means Goku has to be much stronger than the God of Destruction.

Call Me Kakarot

Dragon Ball Super Broly Call Me Kakarot

One of Goku's biggest moments in Dragon Ball Super Broly comes at the end of the story. After seeing Broly thrive before his very eyes, Goku feels proud enough to put back the pride of a Saiyan for the first time in his life to call himself "Kakarot." It's a great moment that will likely overshadow Goku's development for the rest of the Dragon Ball Super series' run.

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