This is the Dota 2 term that you must memorize

Dota 2 terms

Not only Mobile Legends games have their own terms. In this MOBA game there are also several terms dota 2 that you need to memorize, so as not to be confused when playing.

Dota 2 is a MOBA game made by Valve that still exists today. There are many good players in this game. For Vicigers friends who are beginners and at least understand the term Dota 2 to play further.

As with any game, there are many Dota 2 terms that are difficult for new players to understand. You can learn all the Dota 2 terms on Liquipedia.

In this article, we will cover some important words you need to know to make playing easier. What are the terms dota 2? See below for full details.

The Most Popular Dota 2 Glossary

There are at least a few Dota 2 terms that beginners should remember. Of course there are many other concepts. However, the terms discussed here are the most important. Then understand the following concepts.

To help you understand the unique terms found in Dota 2, we have compiled a number of foreign language words, terms, and abbreviations that are commonly used in the game. Below we have compiled a glossary of dota 2 terms.

While most of the terms below are used in Dota 2, it's possible that different games within the MOBA genre use the same term. Remember to use the search function in the browser to find search terms faster.


Dota 2 terms

In Dota 2, Ancients can mean many things. First, The Ancients can refer to bases in Radiant and Dire's bases respectively. If The Ancient is destroyed by the enemy, the team will be defeated and announced.

Then there's The Ancient Creeps. This ancient refers to an extra strong neutral substance that is common in the camps on both sides of the map. Neutral creeps are stronger than normal jungle creeps, but give more gold. The hallmark of ancient creeps is that they are immune to magical attacks.


Dota 2 terms

AoE indicates the area of effect. This term refers to the area affected by a spell or magic attack. Sometimes AoE is also used to aim at a target, for example 500 AoE which means an area with a radius of 500 around the target.

It is important to understand this AoE so that you know the hero and the power he has. This means that you can use this energy correctly and efficiently. The effect of the hero's ability to cover an area and hit multiple targets at once.


Dota 2 terms
Observer Ward & Sentry Ward

The bottom bar or bottom bar indicates the bottom bar located in the right corner of the map. The direction of the Dire robot is the one that descends from the Dire base. Then the Radiation Path is the path that leads to the right at the bottom of the map.


Dota 2 terms
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Carry is a dota 2 term that identifies the hero with the most roles in the next game. This hero is used to attack and defeat the enemy.

Nose heroes are usually very weak at first. Therefore, they needed to farm to raise their level. Carry is also one of the positions in Dota 2. There are heroes who specifically act as Carry. There are also heroes that can carry or support.

In this MOBA game, Carry is the name for the player who has the best performance, then he can do the most damage and win the team.

Wear itself comes from an English term which means "wear". Usually, he is a hero who can lead his team or lead, Core.

Hero Carry is often considered desperate to fight to help other heroes succeed. So being on Carry means that the team's overall performance is not that great, but because there is a Mage hero who helps from right to left, he can win the game. Then it is called Carry.


Dota 2 terms

Creeps are minor non-player characters. A creep comes from three lanes to the enemy team's base. Creeps can attack enemy units and buildings. Mega Creeps can be upgraded by destroying enemy barracks.

Then they were in the Neutral Creeps forest. This creep is neutral between the two teams. Killing Neutral Creeps adds gold and experience.

Creeps can come from factions, neutral creeps, or player-controlled units. Creeps give EXP and Gold if the hero kills Creeps.

Each hero has to make one final hit to get huge EXP and gold. And deny crawling so that the opponent does not deliver the final blow.

Farming and Ganking

Dota 2 terms

Other terms in Dota 2 are farming and ganking. These are the two most common activities in MOBA games. So what does the term dota 2 mean? Farming refers to the process of getting as much gold and experience as possible. This can be done in many ways, including killing neutral creeps.

Later, the term ganking referred to gang killings. This strategy is done by killing the enemy suddenly with a group of heroes. If this strategy is successful, there will be unexpected kills and the enemy will not have time to escape. 

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Rosh or Roshan

Dota 2 terms

Roshan is a large neutral creep that can be found in the hole next to Dire on the map. He was stronger than the other monsters. By killing Roshan, you get the Aegis of Immortal effect, that is, you can live like you were killed again.

With this great effect, many heroes tried to kill Roshan. However, this giant neutral creep is not easy to destroy.

Roshan is also one of the very special non-playable characters (NPC) in Dota 2. This is the strongest neutral creep and will give each hero a very valuable gift for reincarnation.

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That was the term Dota 2 that you need to know. Actually, there are things that need to be discussed in this discussion, such as the importance of dots in slang, the meaning of carry, the meaning of ez, the meaning of bkb, the meaning of throwing and so on.

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