DJ Alok and These 4 Best Combo Characters Guaranteed to Push Rank in FF Season 22!

5 Best combos with DJ Alok FF season 22

Hi Vicigers! For you big fans of DJ Alok, for your information, DJ Alok in the real world is a world-famous DJ with his flagship song titled "Hear Me Now". In 2020, DJ Alok managed to occupy the 11th position as the best DJ in the world.

DJ Alok is equipped with a Garena skills which is quite strong, especially if you combine playing with a team. skills his is able to add Movement Speed and HP. If skills this is maximized, then the range of the Aura is wider.

Well, talk about DJ Alok, regarding the release Free Fire Season 22 on the 2nd of July, we will not get tired of it, we will always support those of you who are push rank improve earnings rank your best.

With this, we also provide tips so that you don't be negligent in choosing a combination of characters. Why is that? This character combination makes it easier for you to unite skills to face the battle within games.

It's a good idea for you to come here to find out what kind of best character combination you need to choose if you want to use DJ Alok as your main character. Curious? Let's check this out!

DJ Alok + Laura + Caroline + Luqueta

Luqueta's character as an FF character that was just released at the end of July 2020 at updates This OB23 has skills which increases his Max HP up to 235 HP.

Therefore, skills this is great when combined with skills courtesy of DJ Alok, because with skill healing Alok, your team will be very difficult to annihilate!

Then, there is Laura as a very famous character by skills its high accuracy when using scope. If skills This is maximized to the fullest, accuracy scope Laura can increase up to 30%.

When Caroline holds a gun shotgun, Caroline has skills passive which will accelerate its movement in this phase. Caroline can increase her movement speed up to 8% at the highest level.

With Caroline's character who can play aggressively, of course skills this is especially good when combined with Alok, because if Caroline takes an attack from an enemy, DJ Alok can immediately give healing.

DJ Alok + Jai + Jota + Kelly

Jai: Raging Reload

Jota: Sustained Raids

Kelly: the nimble one

Raging Reload is the name skills Jai's passive, and limited to the AR, Pistol, SMG, and SG categories. After killing the enemy, automatically recharges the weapon by 45% from its maximum capacity.

Sustained Raids Jota gives players 40 HP with every kill, which can be very important when the user is rushing enemies. They had to remember that the skill only applies to Shotguns and Submachine Guns. Don't forget too, there is cooldown 5 sec.

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Lastly, Kelly is one of the Free Fire characters who deserves to be called “the agile” because he has skills run faster than the other characters. That way, you can do rush quickly or run away from the enemy.

DJ Alok + Laura + Shirou + Maro

Laura: Sharp Shooter

Shirou: Damage Delivered

maro: Falcon Fervor

Laura's accuracy received a significant buff, and now, players' accuracy has increased by 35%. This will help players be more accurate when engaging in fights against enemies.

Damage Delivered marks enemies within 80 m when they hit the user. The first shot at this marked person results in the 100% increased armor penetration. However, skills This Shirou has cooldown for 20 seconds.

Lastly, Maro's skills improve damage with distances up to 25%. Also, it matches Shirou's ability as the damage to tagged enemies also increases by 3.5%.

DJ Alok + Luqueta + Kelly + Hayato

Luqueta: Hat Trick

Kelly: Dash

Hayato: Bushido

Hat Trick increases player's max HP by 18 to 35 after obtaining kill. This means that after the user reaches twice kills, maximum health they will be 235.

Kelly can further increase player speed by 6% at its max level. If they had an Awakened version of his character, they would deliver damage extra with the first shot.

Finally, Bushido Hayato increases players' armor penetration by 10%, with a 10% decrease in their maximum HP. Like Kelly, there is an Awakening version of Hayato, and if the user has it, frontal damage is also reduced.

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