DiRT 5, Still One of the Best Racing Games

DiRT 5

DiRT 5 latest works Codemaster gamers have been waiting for. Especially for gamers who like racing games, this is one of the series that you have been waiting for. In addition to racing game fans, this is also liked by many other gamers. The reason is this game is quite casual and there is also driving assistance if you just want to have fun. There is also a lot of content that you can unlock in the ingame. Surely you will be satisfied by all the existing features and also interesting content.

At the beginning of the game, you will find characters who talk a lot with silly jokes. For some people, this addition is perfect and makes “Career Mode"be more alive. But for some people, this is a bit too much and they would be happy if there was a feature to enable it. The presenter was actually quite helpful in introducing some new features for beginners. But for those who are used to it, this feature must be very annoying.

Don't hesitate, this game will still feature fantastic graphics. Good gameplay, and also the way of presentation that continues to develop quite well. The new tracks are also quite stunning and will surely make you forget if you've played this game long enough. What we experienced is certainly also experienced by everyone if you really like racing games. Maybe we'll see more details below.

Exciting Review of DiRT 5 Race

The best thing about DiRT 5 is that the driver helper features are enabled and disabled. If you feel new and have difficulty controlling the car, this feature will definitely be very helpful. If you feel you are already a Pro, turn off this feature and feel the difference. Apart from the stats of the car, everything feels very difficult to control. You have to be able to recognize the characteristics of each car because it will be very different.

In previous versions this feature was turned off and made it quite difficult for new players. And now that it's back, the developers are hoping that a lot of new players will appear. They hope to bring a lot of profit to their finances and also like the previous series. In addition, this 5th version also ensures that the problems that existed previously were fixed very well.

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