Pro Tips How to Play Diona Genshin Impact

build diona grnshin impact

Diona Genshin Impact may seem small but the potential it has is huge and unexpected. You need to use the best tips for playing Diona Genshin Impact.

Diona Genshin Impact is a Bow cat user who wields the element Cryo. The kit is ideal for a supporting role on the roster. As if that wasn't enough, he could even cast a powerful shield and heal his fellow members.

When she returns with the release of Yae Miko, here's how to play Diona Genshin Impact at its smartest.

Tricks Using Diona Genshin Impact

Diona is one of the many Cryo characters that you can use and play in Genshin Impact. He is a bartender at Cat's Tail Tavern who is also a good healer.

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While he may sound like a simple playable character in the game, unlocking his potential can actually be more difficult than it sounds. To put an end to this dilemma, we have written this guide just for you. 

Here, we'll show you everything you need to do to properly use and play Diona in Genshin Impact.

Reduce Consumption, Increase Speed

Diona Genshin Impact

Unlocked in Ascension 1, her Cat's Tail Secret Menu passive talent can increase a character's Movement SPD by 10 percent and reduce stamina consumption by 10 percent if protected by her Icy Paws. With this, you will have extra stamina to run and dodge different attacks.

With Cryo being the element that strikes the right balance between attack and support, you can use it with Pyro to attack and create Melt reactions.

Likewise, you can use it with Electro to support Superconducting reactions. This makes Diona an unmissable partner for such situations in Genshin Impact.

Clean Debuff

Diona Genshin Impact

Effects in some domains and Spiral Abyss can debug characters, such as Slowing Water, Corrosion, Engulfing Storm, Smoldering Flames, Condensed Ice.

Using Diona's Elemental Skills in this situation will remove her debuffs and annoying effects. However, he will gain the Cryo effect after this and can be hit with Elemental Reaction.

Hold Elemental Skill For Projectile

Diona Genshin Impact
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This is also a strategy in how to play Diona Genshin Impact. Like several characters in the game, Diona also has two modes for her Elemental Skills.

While Press mode offers 2 projectiles, Hold Mode launches 5 projectiles when you run backwards. Prioritize Hold mode to deal more damage!

Despite the fact that Diona may not be the best protector or healer out there, her supportive abilities make her a great choice for Spiral Abyss.

You can use its Cryo app as well as its elemental reactions along with its healing abilities for your DPS.

Upgrade to 2nd Constellation for Best Shield

Diona Genshin Impact

Constellation 2 for Diona Genshin Impact is a good stopping point. Since he was a 4-star character, getting his constellation wouldn't be difficult.

“Shaken, Not Purred” is the little bartender's 2nd Constellation. This will increase Shield's DMG Absorption and Elemental skill Damage by 15 percent.

In addition, the projectile will create a shield for nearby allies with 50 percent power for 5 seconds, when the attack hits the enemy. This is very useful in Co-op.

Since Diona reduces her Max HP, an artifact with a flat HP and HP percentage is a must have for her. Maiden Beloved is by far the strongest artifact on Diona, increasing her potential as a healer.

While Retracing Bolide seems like a good fit on paper, the shield effectiveness buff doesn't apply when you switch characters. The two piece Wanderer's Troupe is also great for refilling the Signature Mix.

There's a leaked Cryo damage set coming up, but Diona doesn't excel at dealing damage. It's best to build him up as a supporter, and he synergizes well with Electro's main DPS like Razor or Keqing.

He also pairs well with Diluc and Klee, both of whom can inflict Melt to increase damage output.

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Don't Forget Cryo Resonance

Diona Genshin Impact

When building a party in Genshin Impact, it's important to use Elemental Resonance. Having at least 2 characters of the same element will trigger Elemental Resonance and provide a large buff for the whole.

If you have Eula, Ganyu, or Ayaka, equipping Diona will offer the character a 15 percent CRIT Rate bonus. In addition, Diona can be used as a battery to generate Energy Particles for CRYP DPS and increase their Burst uptime.

With 4 characters of the same element, you can even unlock one of the many secret achievements, called the Fantastic Four.

In terms of how to play Diona Genshin Impact, you have to focus on weapons, artifacts, and other aspects, especially HP. The amount of damage absorbed by the shield depends on the Max HP. Use the best artifact on him as his base count is quite low.

Diona's Mix Signature Explosion will deal Drunken Mist and AoE Cryo Damage. Drunken Mist can deal AoE Cryo Damage constantly and regenerate a character's HP within a certain radius.

This powerful Elemental Burst is great for making Elemental Reactions as well as healing major DPS if they have low HP.

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If you have C6 Diona Genshin Impact, the Heal Bonus can be increased by 30 percent when your character is less than 50 percent on health. If the character is above 50 percent HP, Elemental Mastery will be buffed by 200.

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