Dead Target, Eradicate Earth Destroying Zombies

Once upon a time, in 2040 there has been a zombie apocalypse on earth. A sniper team was formed whose mission was to fight against zombies to save the earth's humans. Being part of the sniper team earlier, now is probably the last day on earth. Therefore, equip yourself with various weapons. Games Dead Target  gives the player a mission to become a Zombie Hunter who is still able to survive.

Zombie Battle

Dead Target  is a selection of the latest offline games that carry the zombie theme made by VNG Game Studios. In this game, players inevitably have to be able to survive in a zombie apocalypse where the world has been ruled by these terrifying creatures. If you don't want to die, then there's only one thing you have to do, which is to slaughter all the zombies that roam around making damage. Despite Dead Target looks like an FPS (first person shooter) genre game, but actually this game can be included in a sniper game, because the player can't control the character he plays at all. In Dead Target the player can only aim the weapon he is holding at the zombie swarm, then shoot it before the undead can get close and eat the player.

A number of buttons are provided to play Dead Target, namely the shoot button, reload button, healing button, grenade button, and Ammo button. The last button is useful for buying bullets. If the player gets an attack from a swarm of zombies, automatically lowers the Life bar, where when it runs out, the game ends immediately. Except for the various buttons, players are also provided with a separate button with the function of seeing other parts of the war. That's because, often the zombie herd appears from two directions at the same time, so players must always pay attention to the red arrow that shows the presence of zombies.

player in Dead Target  have to conquer all the zombies in order to continue to higher levels. Every time you complete a level, the player immediately gets a prize in the form of money. Using the collected money, players can pay for new types of weapons, such as pistols or submachine types, make weapon upgrades, and also pay for the purchase of ammunition.

Cool 3D Visuals

On Dead Target In this, players can battle with various kinds of zombies that are presented in a varied 3D style. Each zombie brings its own skill, where Dead Target players must always be on standby because a zombie boss with superpowers may appear. Dead Target presents many types of weapons where each weapon is also beautified with a very interesting original sound. The player can defeat the zombies using his favorite weapon that he relies on. With a slick 3D visual treat, it is guaranteed that players will not feel bored quickly playing it for a long time.

Not Online Game

Dead targets  is a free Android game that can be played anytime without having Internet access or WiFi available on the device. Even more fun, Dead Target does not apply stamina or energy mechanisms, so it can be enjoyed for a long time. With offline mode, players will not be disturbed by the appearance of advertisements that often disturb the fun of playing.

Of course, like other free games, Dead Target also provides a microtransaction feature. In this feature, players can shop for various advanced weapons, premium currencies, namely Red Diamond, Gold, or cash and good weapon skins. For those who are quite interested in the zombie game genre, Dead Target is a game that is worth playing right now.

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