Darkness Rises, Exciting Action RPG with Console-Class Visuals

An army of sadistic demons is preparing to take over the city. Players must be able to defeat it and clean up evil before the demons destroy the world. In Darkness Rises, the dark forces will rise again, so now is the time for players to defeat evil before it infects the inhabitants of the earth.

Darkness Rises first greeted game fans in Korea and then released globally. Darkness Rises is a game with an Action RPG concept made by Nexon. In this game, players have the main task of fighting against the evil creatures who want to rule the world.

Darkness Rises presents gameplay that is so good and heroic that it can be seen from the characters in it. Apart from gameplay elements, of course Darkness Rises also offers a unique and exciting plot line. This online game also has a variety of attractive features which would be a shame if you don't play it right now.

Action-packed Fighting Gameplay

Darkness Rises is an interesting choice for an Action RPG game that presents fighting gameplay with a fast rhythm and yet is full of action. Because of that, the right timing is the essence in order to achieve victory in each game. As with the latest games today, Darkness Rises is able to present a superior graphical interface that promises to be on par with console games.

For gamers who like games with RPG themes, it would not be complete if there was no PvP mode. In increasing the rank in Darkness Rises, players inevitably have to face a computer system based on artificial intelligence. But players can feel how exciting the game is in real time PVP with the PvP Duel mode. Players can also collaborate with players to form a team to face other teams in the PvP team multiplayer mode.

Apart from the PvP mode, Darkness Rises also offers the Gold Dungeon mode. If players find it difficult when hunting for Gold, Gold Dungeon mode is the right alternative. So that the strength needed when players try to enter the dungeon is not in vain, you should first prepare the selected equipment so that you can finish off your opponent without difficulty.

What is also special about Darkness Rises is when using rage skills. It is the skill of the character being played in carrying out movements to kill opponents with beautiful graphics plus cinematic effects like watching a movie. This Rage Skill makes fights during the game even more tense even though there are actually a lot of repetitions that occur.

It is hoped that players will use reliable cellphone specifications so they can enjoy the best visual treats while playing. Because this game carries fast gameplay plus various effects during battle so that it might cause FPS to drop if using a standard class cellphone.

Jobs and Skills

Darkness Rises presents 4 character choices that have various jobs or professions consisting of Warriors, Wizards, Berserkers, and Assassins. This Darkness Rises game adopts the classic game system, namely Action RPG where there are special animations for each job and skill displayed. A special touch of skill with details that almost match computer games plus a demonstration of a series of captivating actions.

Supported by amazing visual graphics, it will certainly make players get carried away in the scary Darkness Rises universe. When in Story Mode, don't press skip so that you understand more about the story behind endless battles and the reasons why players have to fight. Story Mode is presented in the form of a very beautiful scene.

Console Equivalent Graphics

Regarding graphics, Darkness Rises has a more attractive appearance compared to other games of the same genre. Improving the graphic quality so that it can be close to PC games, of course Darkness Rises is a game worth playing. This game is also equipped with background music that fits perfectly with the scene that is being presented on the screen so that the players will feel at home playing it for hours.

Not only facing AI, but another advantage of this game is that players can challenge other players in real time online mode. It should be noted, when playing Darkness Rises, it often happens that the smartphone battery drains quite quickly. Happy playing!

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