Cute Munchies, It's Exciting to Play a Domestically Made Puzzle Game

Not wanting to be left behind by foreign game developers, many domestic game developers have started to show off their skills by launching various game genres, especially for the Android platform. Indonesian game developers have also proven to be great when it comes to developing fun games. Niji, for example, a game maker from Jogja, started showing off his skills with a game called Cute Munchies.

Not only standard mobile games, there are a lot of them, this Android game can even occupy the Editor's Choice nomination on the Play Store. To note, Editor's Choice is a category on the Google Play Store where it contains the best applications and games as editor's choices on the Play Store. There are tons of apps and games that top the Editor's Choice category, and Cute Munchies is a part of that. Cute Munchies is the first game made by an Indonesian developer to be selected in the Editor's Choice.

The Sensation of Playing Challenging

It is undeniable that Cute Munchies presents a game experience with world standards in terms of the quality of the graphics and gameplay that is presented. Even though the developer comes from Jogja. Cute Munchies adopts the concept of a puzzle game that has lots of very exciting levels. Switching from one level to another can be done once the player completes the levels. At first glance, this game adheres to a level mechanism like the legendary Angry Bird game. However, no star system is provided. Players just have to complete the level correctly, then they will immediately enter a new level, regardless of the resulting value.

Running Cute Munchies is relatively simple. Players are tasked with moving various cute animal characters such as rabbits. The mission is only to get items, namely food scattered around. But don't get hit by the obstacles on either side and in front. Considering that Cute Munchies has an Android platform, the game controls are designed to be simple so that it can also be controlled with only one hand. Players just have to swipe their finger left, right, up and down so they can run the character.

Even though it is relatively simple, sometimes players have to think hard. Because if the steps taken are wrong, the game will automatically end. But there's no need to panic, because players can tap the replay icon provided in the upper right corner of the screen whenever they want.

Every time you successfully complete a level, players immediately pocket a bonus in the form of coins. These coins can then be used to pay for new characters in the shop. If you don't have enough coins, this game also offers a choice of transactions with real money or the so-called in-app purchase feature.

The variety of animal characters prepared according to the environment of the area. For example, the rabbit and squirrel characters have different collectible items. If the rabbit character has to eat carrots, for the squirrel character eat walnuts. Likewise for the weather can be changed to day or night.

Level Can Also Be Custom

Cute Munchies is also fun in terms of levels. So players can not only play the existing Adventure mode, they can also create their own game levels. At first glance, this feature is similar to the Super Mario Maker game for the Nintendo Wii U console. Players can create levels according to what they want. Furthermore, the level created can be completed by other players through the online level game mode. Likewise, players can run levels made by other players. How cool!

In general, Cute Munchies presents an exciting mobile game experience where the level of difficulty faced by players is still acceptable. At least for the first two levels. The graphic display of this game is presented quite smoothly by domestic mobile game standards.

The adorable user interface makes for a fun game that all ages can enjoy. It should be noted for parents who have linked credit card data in the Play Store so that they always pay attention when their children play it. Because this Cute Munchies game has a shop feature, namely purchasing coins at prices from IDR 5,000 – IDR 50,000.

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