Cut The Rope: Time Travel, It's Much More Exciting Than The Previous Version

Cut The Rope including popular games, may not be as famous as Angry Birds. This casual game has several versions with the latest being Cut The Rope: Time Travel. It is hoped that this latest series is not limited to adding levels to the games that came out previously.

Time Machine

Cut The Rope: Time Travel in essence it remains similar to its predecessor series, players have the task of giving candy to Om Nom, the cute main character. It's just that in this game, Om Nom falls into a time machine that makes him return to the past. There he met his ancestors. As a result, players also have to feed candy at once for two Om Nom in each stage. If one of them doesn't get candy, the level will automatically not be completed. Including what looks different from its predecessor version, Cut The Rope: Time Travel requires players to deal with accuracy more often. Previously, players only had to cut the correct rope, for this game the time aspect is used more often.

Two Key Features

In Cut The Rope: Time Travel there are two important features that are very influential. The first is the time freeze menu where players can stop time, then the second is the presence of a new type of rope in the form of a chain. Because the material is a chain, players cannot cut using the swipe of a finger but use the prepared cutting teeth.

The two new menus turned out to be able to produce a slightly different gameplay concept as well as more profound than the previous series. For example, sometimes the player needs to let the candy swing near the thorn, then at the last second the player has to tap the freeze icon and then cut the rope. After clicking the freeze icon again, the candy will automatically fall under Om Nom without hitting the thorn. In addition to the two menus, Cut The Rope: Time Travel contains other interesting features, such as a bomb that will explode when it collides with another object.

90 Levels

Cut The Rope: Time Travel as in the previous series, it still presents a good learning curve where players will learn new things in line with the progress of the game. The levels are pretty well designed, not too difficult but not easy enough either. Adopted 3 star system which will make this game can be enjoyed by anyone.

Casual players certainly don't have to bother getting 3 stars, but for midcore players, of course getting 3 stars on each level is a sensation in itself. Sometimes the star is in a place where at first glance it is impossible to reach, even though in reality it can be done. Cut The Rope: Time Travel offers 6 worlds where there are 15 levels for each world. That way overall players will be able to play 90 levels which can be said to be quite a lot.

Simple Graphics

Cut The Rope: Time Travel presents a simple visual but is quite satisfying and comfortable to look at. The application of glossy elements will make the players feel at home for long playing it. Especially with the presence of Om Nom's figure who is really adorable. From the visuals, audio and controls everything runs pretty well.

Premium Games

Cut The Rope: Time Travel is a paid game. This game is available for iPhone which is priced at Rp. 9,500 while for the iPad at a rate of Rp. 29,000. The iPad version turned out to be more expensive. Meanwhile, the Android platform is provided with 2 graphics variants, namely standard and HD. Cut The Rope: Time Travel standard version is provided free of charge, free of IAP (In App Purchase) or advertisements while the HD version is offered for Rp. 9500. The standard version of the graphic display is certainly lower than the HD version

For those who really liked the previous version of Cut The Rope, of course it would not be a loss to redeem this one game at a fairly cheap price. There is relatively nothing bad about this game, apart from the price for the iPad version which is quite expensive. Cut The Rope: Time Travel become a game that can be played with all family members with very exciting excitement.

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