5 Crypto Applications Listed in CoFTRA, Suitable for Beginners!

Dyor - BNB Analysis

There are a number of crypto applications registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (CoFTRA).

You can easily find out that crypto app download it on your phone.

This application is perfect for those of you who want to invest in crypto.

For those of you who are just starting to invest in crypto assets, this application will certainly be very helpful.

You can find a variety of crypto assets in these apps.

After that, you can also buy and sell these assets easily.

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CoFTRA's Registered Crypto Application

Play Crypto
Crypto Illustration.

There are several crypto applications in Indonesia that have been recorded by BAPPEBTI.

You can use this app to buy and sell crypto assets.

You can get this application easily through your cellphone right now.

With applications from this platform, it will be easier for you to invest in assets.

What are these applications?

The following are 5 Crypto Applications recorded by BAPPEBTI:



Indodax is one of the crypto asset trading platforms under PT. INDODAX NASIONAL INDONESIA. You can get this application by downloading it on your mobile.

The application, which was released on December 15, 2014 has been downloaded more than 1,000,000 times for android phones.

To download this application it takes a size of 35.07 MB.

There are many crypto assets that you can choose to invest in Indodax. One of them is a crypto asset from VCGamers, namely: $VCG. In addition, there are also BitCoin, Ethereum, DOGE to BNB.

On the official website, it is written that currently Indodax has 5,431,355 verified members.

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Furthermore, you can also download an application called Tokocrypto. This application has been installed up to more than 1,000,000.

Tokocrypto is one of the best crypto markets in Indonesia because you can buy and sell crypto assets.

Tokocrypto has also been listed on the CoFTRA official website.

The Tokocrypto application is easy to use whether you are a beginner or experienced.

You can also easily find a number of crypto assets there.

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The next application is Pluang. There are various investment products in Pluang.

Starting from gold, global stock indices, crypto and the US dollar.

There are more than 92 types of crypto coins in the Pluang application.

Those of you who are looking for an application to invest in crypto assets can use it by downloading it through your cellphone.

Thus, you can start to invest.

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Application DOOR you can use to invest in crypto assets. Reporting from the official website, this application has been uploaded 4.85 million times.

This application has a simple interface and makes it easy for people to invest. Then, this application has also been registered and supervised by BAPPEBTI.

You can buy crypto assets starting from IDR 11,000.

There are a number of crypto assets in the application. Among them are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and so on.

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Crypto Apps

The next application is ZIPMEX. There are more than 40 crypto assets on this platform.

On google play, this application has been downloaded more than 1,000,000.

This application has been registered with BAPPEBTI and Kominfo.

Zipmex can be used for those of you who are beginners or experienced in the crypto world.

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Crypto investing is a high-risk thing. So, we must know the benefits and risks of these activities.

In addition, we also have to do in-depth research related to a chosen crypto project to invest in.

Always do your own research (DYOR) before investing.

Expand references and reading material about the project.

Now, of course, it will be easier for you to get information about anything.

You just need to search for it and enter the community group of a crypto project.

By doing research, we can avoid FOMO and FUD.

So, we have in-depth information and can make the right decisions.

We can invest in crypto assets through Centralized Exchange (CEX) and Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

You should also know the difference between CEX and DEX.

After that, determine the chosen place to invest.

You can choose to invest in one of them according to the research that has been done.

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