5 Interesting Facts About Minecraft Cows, Laying Eggs!

Minecraft cow
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Do you know facts about cows Minecraft? If not, there are some facts that you may not have known before. This is quite important for you to know, you know.

Minecraft cows are one of the most common animal mobs in the game. They are the easiest to find and not difficult to breed or kill for loot. 

They have many uses in the game, so they are important to use. However, there are some facts that you might not know about it.

So, what are the facts about Minecraft cows, so here are five things about cows that many players may not have learned.

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Minecraft Cow Facts List

Cows are one of the most basic farm animals that players will interact with in the Minecraft 1.19 which can be bred and multiplied easily. 

They are an excellent source of food and many other resources. New players who are going to dive into the game for the first time should familiarize themselves with how it works.

Rare Animals in Game

Minecraft cow
Rare animals in the game. Source: Youtube.

Most Minecraft players know that cows drop hide and raw beef (unless killed with a Fire Aspect or Flint and Steel sword). However, you may not know how many and how often these items fall.

So that makes the animal in this game one that is quite rare to find. It's a well-known fact in Minecraft that cows often drop their skin when killed. 

In fact, cows are probably the best way for players to get skins in all of Minecraft. When a cow is killed, it will drop from zero to two pieces of hide. 

When a player has a looting enchantment on his sword, the chances of getting leather from cows increase, but generally not much.

There are only a few other ways for players to get skins in Minecraft. This includes killing horses and rabbits, fishing, or being found in natural spawn crates. Skins have several uses in Minecraft, including books, armor, and saddles.

Calves Lay Eggs

Minecraft cow
Hean spawn in the game Minecraft. Source: Youtube.

One of the facts that you least expect is that the calf actually lays on its knee. Breeding two cows will produce a calf that will lay eggs. 

This is the most common way to get calves, but they can spawn naturally. Many players have probably seen a calf running around and it's not because two Minecraft cows have just bred. There's only a 5 percent chance of cows laying eggs as calves, so they're extremely rare. 

Released on Update 1.0.9

Frog and Goat
Frog and Cow. Source: YouTube/Phoenix SC

Cows are not always in the games you play. They were only added to Java Edition Alpha in the 1.0.9 update.

Not all monsters were added in the game's initial release. Cows, like many others, came later as the game has evolved over the years.

Strange Behavior

Minecraft cow
Strange behavior. Source: Youtube.

Minecraft cow behavior may seem strange and aimless. They usually hang around and occasionally see players. However, the cows would never go into the water unless a player took them with lead or grain. 

They also avoid walking on minecart rails and walking off ledges high enough to take fall damage.

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Cows Can Be Made from Mooshrooms

Minecraft Java Edition 2022
Moshroom game. Source: VCGamers.

Mooshrooms are much rarer than cows because they only spawn in the Mushroom Fields biome. However, players may not know that they can turn mooshrooms into cows if they so choose. 

Shaving the mooshroom (which should be random) will turn it into a cow in Minecraft dropping five mushrooms. You just found out right?

Cows have been a very helpful and important mob in Minecraft, from providing food to basic armor components, they are a very useful mob, especially at the start of an adventure.

Mojang has done a great job of improving and making welcome changes to make the cows more useful and not just walking food. 

Now equipped with all there is to know about them, be sure to earn all the benefits Minecraft cows have to offer.

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