Cool! These 22 World Games Set in Indonesia! – Part 4

12. Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising

Unlike the games that have been discussed previously, which are set in the present or the past, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising instead presents a life scenario in the future. Games developed by developer named NovaLogic, this story has a storyline about the condition of Indonesia, which was devastated and at the edge of division due to attacks from various parties, especially rebels and separatists aiming to obtain sophisticated weapons, then the national military unit was divided into rival factions.

Like other NovaLogic creations, although this game received a lot of praise and review high, Joint Operations is not as popular as Call of Duty or Medal of Honor. Like Delta Force, games it is also released only for platform PC.

Games It is set in East Timor, which historically was a part of Indonesia. NovaLogic should be appreciated for daring to take a location in Indonesia with the backdrop of 1998 when conflict and riots were raging due to the economic crisis.

Under the leadership of a “Coalition of Nations” organization, two special forces teams were formed. First, there is the Blue Team which is dominated by the countries of the European continent consisting of soldiers elite compiled and selected from various strong military countries such as England, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, and Indonesia. Second, there is the Red Team, which is filled with a group of rebels who are ready to destroy Indonesia. After successfully maintaining peace in East Timor, these troops were then assigned by the Indonesian government to neutralize rebellions and separatist movements.

The rebels here are told to feel that they have been treated unfairly by the authoritarian Indonesian government and military. As a result, the conflict is getting hotter and can no longer be suppressed. Especially when there were bomb explosions at three different locations which were masterminded by the rebels. In fact, the story is that one of the three bombs almost killed the president of Indonesia.

13. Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis

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It is said that two characters named Nina Kalenkov and Max Gruber have been separated since the Tunguska incident that occurred in the prequel of this game. Nina sailed by cruise ship to Portugal while Max flew to our country, Indonesia. The main characters here are told several times that they often visit Indonesia. 

However, their relationship is reconnected because there is a great natural disaster on earth. In fact, at the same time, the scenario that includes a volcanic eruption is one of the things caused by terrorists. Again, Indonesia is considered a dangerous location.

Secret File 2 is a game filled with puzzles and requires relying on mechanics point-and-click. Games made in Germany has been released for the first time since 2009 for platform Windows, Wii, to Nintendo DS handheld console.


14. Just Cause 2

Who doesn't know Rico Rodriguez? Games open world togenre This action adventure similar to Grand Theft Auto aka GTA was released in 2010 by publisher Eidos Interactive and developed by Avalanche Studios. Gamers will play the role of a famous spy agent who has many unique tools to carry out his missions in the sequel games first, Just Cause. In the second sequel games which gives players the freedom to explore this very wide world directly taking a combined setting from Southeast Asia such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

In addition, in this fictional archipelago called Panau, players can dive into locations with unique and Indonesian names very such as Kampung Pantai Berangin or Kampung Mad Dog, Bukit Tinggi Camp, and Bukit Gila Rank. There are also character names such as Bahtiar Saleh and Bolo Santosi, which of course are all Indonesian names. Games This one is much liked by gamers because it has a wide map that makes players free to explore while fighting.

Now,, that was the third games which is set in Indonesia, adapts the concept of typical Indonesian culture, or is made directly by developer from Indonesia. Look forward to the continuation in Part 5.

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