This Is It, The Strongest Magic Chess Combo in the Latest Patch!

The Strongest Chess Magic Combo.

Who wants to know what are the strongest Magic Chess combos in this patch? The author knows what you want, that's the reason why you are looking for this article.

Can't wait to see which Magic Chess combos are the strongest in the author's version of this patch? Just read all the information and analysis below!

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The Strongest Magic Chess Combo Patch 289.1

The Strongest Chess Magic Combo.
Poster Magic Chess Patch Note 289.1. Source:

Last September 25th, forum Mobile Legends announced the latest update for Magic Chess, which is patch 289.1. This update can be called a big update because there are several updates this time revamp heroes skills, synergy evolution, to new spells.

A little intermezzo, not only in terms of the gameplay that is getting an update, but also the UI (User Interface) which has become very good. You can see the difference in the UI after the update in the image below.

Display UI and the Strongest Magic Chess Combo
New UI Appearance in Magic Chess. Source: VCGamers.

After knowing this, now is the time for the writer to explain about the strongest combo in Magic Chess patch 289.1. Not only explaining, the author also provides views so that all the combos that the author provides have a solid foundation.

But before that, the writer would like to inform you that the writer might be wrong or have a different opinion from other readers. Everything the author writes is the result of research and the author's personal experience.

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The Strongest Chess Magic Combo: Abyss Synergy

The Strongest Chess Magic Combo
Helcurt, Hero Magic Chess Synergy Abyss – Assassin.

This time, the writer made a big title, namely Abyss synergy. The reason is that from the observations of this update, Abyss is a potential synergy with its synergy evolution.

To clarify, Abyss' synergy evolution is getting a revamp. More or less it will be like this:

  • Corrupt: Heroes Abyss is able to give a 0.5 second stun to enemies who have been hit by 10x basic attacks.
  • Insanity: Gives the Abyss synergy effect (+25% attack speed every 2 seconds, max. 5 stacks) to all teammates (non-Abyss) with the condition of only getting 30% from the effect.
The Strongest Chess Magic Combo
Abyss Synergy Evolution: The Strongest Chess Magic Combo. Source: VCGamers.

From the explanation above, the two synergy evolution revamps above are very good, especially the Corrupt synergy evolution. These two may at first glance look like Cadia Riverlands and Wrestler, but in clear ways and percentages.

For example, when you use Cadia Riverlands synergy, you have to sacrifice several heroes to activate this effect. Meanwhile, the stun from the Wrestler synergy is calculated using a percentage.

Sadly, to get this synergy evolution kinda hard. According to the Magic Chess heroes pool, there are only five Abyss heroes. In order to evolve, additional emblems/crystals are needed or wish for Blessing Abyss.

If you can get a chance to get a synergy evolution, you can choose the synergy combination below.

Abyss – Wrestler

The Strongest Chess Magic Combo
Abyss Wrestler's Strongest Magic Chess Combo.

Stunners, please dock. By using this combo, you can make the enemy barely move!

There are two choices for the strongest Magic Chess synergy combo. The author starts from the first, namely by combining the evolution of Corrupt (Abyss) – Bash (Wrestler) synergy.

There is an update that makes Wrestler unable to stun twice with a 0.2 second delay. But if you read it again, this update only applies to heroes with Wrestler synergy.

The hope is that by using the additional Abyss, while the Wrestler is "recharging stun" for one of the heroes, the Abyss is able to stun the enemy again (every 10 basic attacks).

To support it, you can choose Spell Inspire with Little Commander which can provide buffs (eg Eva and Pao) so that your attacks are faster and stronger.

The second option is the Insanity (Abyss) – Bash (Wrestler) synergy evolution blend. If the writer is right, Insanity's synergy can give Wrestler heroes a maximum attack speed of 37.5% without having to sacrifice teammates.

Abyss – Assassins

The Strongest Chess Magic Combo
Abyss Assassin's Strongest Magic Chess Combo.

The hero who has these two synergies is Helcurt. You need at least eight heroes to use this synergy evolution.

Both Abyss synergy evolutions can be combined with Derive synergy evolutions. This synergy evolution makes every time the synergy effect of 4 Assassins is triggered, the Assassin will get 200 HP.

You can choose to focus on attack speed (Insanity) or take advantage of stun (Corrupt). Even though the stun received is not as long as Wrestler and also Wrestler – Assassin, including a synergy combo that is difficult to make, Abyss can be an option.

Possible Abyss synergy combo options are Weapon Master, Mage, and Archer. But after weighing from several sides, there is still a mix of synergy that is even better.

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Cadia Riverlands – Swordsman/Assassin

The Strongest Chess Magic Combo
Cadia's Strongest Magic Chess Combo – Swordsman Assassin.

In this patch, nothing has changed in the heroes or skills from Cadia Riverlands. Cadia Riverlands' synergy is still good to be the strongest combo in this patch.

If in the previous article the author mentioned the combination of Cadia Riverlands – Archer, this time the author will recommend the Cadia Riverlands combo with Swordsman/Assassin.

Swordsman and Assassin in this patch experienced some significant changes. Swordsman's Orbital Sword has been replaced by stacking 20-40 attacks and magical power up to 20 times.

By providing additional attack speed from the Cadia Riverlands synergy, Swordsman will gain stacks faster and become stronger.

Meanwhile, in terms of Assassin synergy, you can choose Derive synergy evolution. The greater the Assassin's attack speed, the greater the chance for Assassin's heroes to activate their synergy.

You can use Spell Inspire to get a faster attack speed again.

Mage – Elementalist

The Strongest Chess Magic Combo
Mage – Elementalist's Strongest Magic Chess Combo. Source: VCGamers.

The Mage – Elementalist synergy combo is still a thing the best Magic Chess combos as well as the strongest combo in this patch.

In this patch, in terms of heroes skills or synergy, Mages get some nerfs. For example, like Eudora whose skill is a single target, Harith with new skills, to reduce the stun duration of the Frost synergy evolution.

But this nerf is also offset by the addition of Magic Damage to several Mage heroes. If combined with Elementalist synergy, it's gonna be worst.

If the author is asked "which synergy should be created first?", it is optional.

If you get heroes with burst damage like Eudora and Xavier, Elementalist is better. But if it's difficult and choose to play it safe, use the Frost synergy evolution from the Mage.

Plus now there are additional effects from Items Glowing Wands which can reduce the healing of enemy heroes. Suitable for fighting synergies that add HP such as Assassin, Lightborn, and Weapon Master.

Los Pecados

Heroes Combo Magic Chess Los Pecados

Lastly is the Los Pecados synergy, whose current condition is very crucial. This patch update makes the gold needed to level up even more expensive.

  • [67] Gold Cost: 24 >> 28
  • [78] Gold Cost: 32 >> 40
  • [89] Gold Cost: 40 >> 56

If the writer counts, to reach level 9, players must need an additional 28 gold. This amount is very large, let alone having to do a reroll shop to get the heroes that players want.

To compensate, players can use the Los Pecados synergy. The Los Pecados synergy will be active if the Los Pecados heroes (Layla, Franco, Granger, and Aldous) kills, the player will get an additional 1 gold.

After getting the synergy, you can make synergy combos with some of the existing synergies. You can create Wrestler, Gunner, Northern Vale, or Weapon Master synergies.

The four synergies that the writer mentioned above are the roles of the four heroes above. With the same role-faction, you can maximize the existing capacity with the roles that are already available.

Or, to make you richer, you can use Little Commander which is related to the amount of gold like Remy, Eggie, and Asta.

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Those are the strongest Magic Chess combos currently on patch 289.1. You can choose the synergy above according to your playing style and your favorite Little Commander.

If you have a different opinion, please write in the comments column so that we, Magic Chess players, become rich in knowledge.

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