5 Strongest Maro Character Combos in Season 27 Free Fire

Alok Character Combo

Check this page to see what the 5 Mari character combos are in season 27 of Free Fire. By using this combo, you can become one of the feared players in battle.

Maro is actually the first character in Free Fire with an ability that instantly increases damage. Here is a Maro character combo with the best skills that Vicigers friends should use with him.

The second new character in OB27, Maro. He is available during the Top-Up event, similar to other collab characters in Free Fire. This means that you can get it for free after top up diamonds into the game.

In this article, we will list some of the best Maro skill character combos for him and provide an explanation.

Maro FF Character Combo List

It was designed based on an Arab artist named Mohamed Ramadan. His ability, Falcon Fervor, increases his damage based on the target's distance. Marked targets take more damage.

He is one of the few characters in Free Fire who can increase weapon damage without any strange conditions.

Falcon Fervor's damage increased from 5 to 25 percent from level 1 to 6, with marked damage increasing from 1 to 3.5 percent. His skills are very suitable for sniper players who use long-range weapons such as SVD, AWM and so on.

Maro + Moco + Dasha + Rafael

5 Strongest Maro Character Combos in Season 27 Free Fire

Maro + Moco + Dasha + Rafael is a Maro character combo for a sniper build perfect for squad mode, where your goal is to bleed people from afar. Rafael's OB33 Dead Silent makes sniper builds viable once again in squad mode, with enemies dying twice as fast.

His abilities serve as a source of additional damage while Moco will track targets and increase Falcon Fervor's effectiveness. Dasha's ability reduces sniper rifle's high recoil.

Maro + Xayne + Hayato + Kelly 

5 Strongest Maro Character Combos in Season 27 Free Fire

This Maro character combo focuses more on dealing damage, with all 4 abilities dealing some sort of damage bonus. This skill works well for sniper rifles like the M82B or sniper rifles like SVD, especially if you're going to be engaging in mid-range combat.

Vicigers pal characters must be able to ignore most of the enemy's armor and gloo wall to inflict damage. Kelly and Xayne and Maro's awakened bonus damage can stack up against one another. You may be able to kill the gloo wall with just one shot. This is probably the best skill combo for Maro.

Maro + Shirou + Chrono + Wolfrah

Maro character combo

This combo is more of a solo defensive sniper strategy, with the option to protect yourself if the enemy detects your location first.

Maro and Shirou will deal the highest amount of damage on retaliation shots while Time Turner Chrono lets you have an “auto win” button when overwhelmed. Wolfrahh's passive will accumulate his bonuses over time and reach his full power at the end of the game.

Chrono's abilities are heavily nerfed in OB33, you should use them as often as possible and try to get kills with every activation.

Maro + Rafael + Shirou + Moco

Maro character combo

This character skill is more or less designed for snipers, the farther your target is, the higher the damage. This means that the sniper rifle and DMR are the weapons he chooses to use.

Rafael's Silent skill works on all sniper rifles and DMRs, muting and causing enemies shot to lose HP 45 percent faster at max level. For example if the previous enemy died 6 seconds. then with this ability, it only takes 4.5 seconds.

Shirou's damage will mark the enemy hit and the first shot after the target will have 100 percent more armor penetration. This pairs well with Maro's abilities, as all attacks on tagged enemies deal 3.5 percent more damage.

Shirou's Damage Delivered will mark the enemy that shot you and the first shot against the marked enemy will get 100 percent armor penetration. This synergizes quite well with Maro's abilities, as all attacks on tagged enemies deal 3.5 percent more damage.

Similar to Shirou's abilities, the Sorcerer of Technology can also mark enemy cards. All enemies hit by fire from your weapon will be tracked for 5 seconds, during which time all shots receive 3.5 percent more damage from Maro's skills.

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Maro + Kelly + Alok + Rafael

Maro character combo

Kelly's awakening ability allows you to increase her shot damage after running for a few seconds. The Maro character combo is ideal for snipers, you can take advantage of it by running around in circles to take damage and shoot when activated.

This skill overlaps with Maro's ability. Your shots will take up to 40 percent more damage under optimal conditions. These are two skills that increase damage completely only in Free Fire.

In the Free Fire OB33 version, Alok's abilities become the strongest again, after Chrono's Aura Patronus is highly nerfed. Melody of Life is a great addition to almost any existing Free Fire skill combo. It heals and accelerates you and your squad by about 5 meters in 10 seconds.

His abilities are more or less designed to build snipers, the farther the target is, the higher the bonus damage. This means sniper rifles and DMRs are the weapons of choice.

Rafael's Dead Silent ability works on all sniper rifles and DMRs, providing a silencing effect and causing fallen enemies to lose HP 45 percent faster at max level.

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For example, if the enemy died previously it took 6 seconds with this ability, it only took 4.5 seconds. Equipped with Maro's abilities, you might even be able to shoot enemies with a high-level helmet using a sniper rifle.

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