FF Color Code List, Let's Make Your Profile Full of Color

FF Color Code

The FF color code is one of the interesting things that should not be missed because it can make your account profile cooler.

With a lot mobile games that appears, who doesn't know? Free Fire? Almost everyone knows games That exciting Battle Royale.

Released in 2017 with Garena as the developer, games This has succeeded in attracting many players. In fact, Free Fire was once games with the most number of downloads globally in 2019.

This success certainly cannot be separated from Garena's hard work, which always provides innovation and attractive features to its customers survivors.

The developer also don't want to stop there and will continue to give something and new features to be able to attract more players.

Talking about features, there is one interesting feature of games this 2017 release, which is a feature to make the appearance of bio or player profiles even cooler.

In this case, players have the freedom to show their creativity by making the profile look cool and attractive as possible. One way is to use the FF color code.

With the FF color code, you guys survivors you can make the writing in your bio or profile colorful, not just plain.

Well, to find out more, here we will provide a review of the FF color code, how to use it, and the benefits for you.

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FF Color Code List

FF Color Code
Color Code Illustration

Before going any further, you need to know that this FF color code uses a hexadecimal code which is usually used for HTML purposes.

There are many FF color codes so you can choose a variety of colors that you think are suitable for use in your profile. There are about 18 color codes that you can choose according to your favorites and here is the list.

  • [FF0000] Red
  • [00FF00] Green
  • [0000FF] Blue
  • [FFFF00] Yellow
  • [000000] Black
  • [A52A2A] Chocolate
  • [FF00FF] Purple
  • [808080] Grey
  • [FF1493] Pink
  • [FFA500] Orange
  • [FFD700] Gold
  • [FFFFFF] White
  • [482B10] Dark Brown
  • [808000] Light Brown
  • [0F7209] Dark Green
  • [CCFF00] Light Green
  • [00FFFF] Light Blue
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How to Add FF Color Code

FF Color Code
FF Color Code (Source: Odk Blog)

After knowing the FF color code and determining which one is the most suitable, you can directly install it in the bio. The method is not so difficult, but if you are a little confused, you can follow the steps below.

Open Free Fire Account

The first step to adding a text color, of course, is to prepare your Free Fire account first and open it at smartphone.

Also make sure your internet network is stable and there are no interruptions so that the process of adding text colors runs smoothly.

Go to Your Account Profile

Well, after opening games Free Fire and make sure the network is stable, you can go directly to the Profile menu. As survivors, of course you already know where the profile is in the corner.

Copy the FF Color Code

In the Profile section, there are many features and menus that you can choose according to your needs. Before changing the text color, make sure you first copy the FF color code that we gave earlier.

Scroll to continue reading
Scroll to continue reading
Scroll to continue reading
Scroll to continue reading

You are free to copy one color code or copy all at once and save it in the memo so that you can replace it at a later time.

Paste the FF Color Code into the Signature Column

After copying the FF color code, you can select the Basic menu as if you want to change nickname, only this time you select the Signature column.

In the signature column, you can directly do paste the code that you have previously copied. Furthermore, you can combine it with various words or writing.

The method is also quite easy, namely by putting the FF color code in front of each word. 

For example, you want to wear green. you stay paste code [00FF00] Green and after that you follow it with words or writing, such as [00FF00] Free Fire. Then the Free Fire text will turn blue.

Select OK

After all the steps are complete, you can immediately select OK so that the system saves the changes automatically.

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Advantages of Using FF Color Code

FF Color Code
FF Profile Illustration

Changing the appearance of your Free Fire account profile or bio to be colorful, of course, can be a pleasure in itself. In addition, there are a number of advantages that you get with the FF color code.

Unique and interesting

The first advantage you can get is that your Free Fire bio is unique and interesting. This can be a special attraction for you because it will certainly steal the attention of other players.

That way, they may be curious and ask how to do it. Not only that, an interesting bio can also expand friendships and can become your new friends.


The second advantage is that using the FF color code for the bio display is a very safe course of action. In other words, you didn't break any rules regarding it.

This is because Signature is one of the official features presented by Garena. In addition, the colorful bio display also does not affect the game.

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Easy to Recognize

In addition to being unique and attractive, your account will also be more easily recognized by making your profile colorful. It can be a characteristic or identity about you.

Well, that was a review of the FF color code starting from what the code is, how to use it, and the benefits for you.

So what are you waiting for? Prey login to your account and try adding the FF color code in your bio.

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