Battle Strategy War in DomiNations

DomiNations is another game by game developer Rise of Nations for the Android platform. In Rise of Nations, players are immersed in one of a choice of seven nations from the stone age to space exploration. Likewise, this DomiNations game, players can choose from various countries provided of course with various advantages of their own.

In this game, players play like the Clash of Clans game, fighting against other players where there is a precise strategy that can be applied. The game is preceded by a tutorial. Players are taught how to develop then manage the city. There are a number of building groups such as Army, Economy, Defense, to Wonder. Players can upgrade the status of the nation for example in Age of Empires and Rise of Nations, starting with Stone Age to Space Age. Each time it is upgraded to a more advanced era, it automatically opens buildings and new features.

The economy is the main aspect. In the Economy building group, players can find many types of buildings to increase the nation's resources. There are 3 important resources in DomiNations, namely gold, food, and citizens. Gold and food are used for building materials, upgrades to constructing soldiers. Meanwhile, citizens are quite important for the workforce. Almost all activities in this game use workers. There is also a complementary resource, it is the crown. The Crown is quite rare and can only be obtained by completing missions or by purchasing IAP. Crown can be used to get things done quickly. Every time a player creates or completes something it sometimes takes a long time. Citizens have a small number, so sometimes players don't find things to do because everything is busy. Players can take advantage of crowns so that the work is completed quickly.

Luckily there is a plunder mode, which is to attack other players, in this case the AI computer. Assembling an army in just 5 minutes can get 20 soldiers and can be used against other cities. If you win the player gets enough loot of resources. Meanwhile, if it fails, the troops will disappear. Indeed, the ability of soldiers is part of an important aspect in the game DomiNations. Here two aspects must be studied, namely attack and defense.

In DomiNations, buildings can be relocated at will, as long as there is still free space. The various buildings were only prepared a little, so players must be clever in designing so that the city is not easily torn down by opponents. When players have got the right strategy to attack or defend, playing DomiNations is definitely something exciting.

When carrying out an attack, players can place troops in certain locations bordering the enemy's area. Troops will flow and attack automatically according to choice. Players can guide troops to attack a building or unit but time is limited. When a controlled unit has determined a target, the troops automatically concentrate even if they are attacked. Sometimes it's a little annoying. As for defending, it is important to pay attention to the troops when maneuvering. If you pay attention to that aspect, players can build a defense that is hard to beat. Players can also build alliances with other players to be more solid.

Sebagai game mobile, grafis DomiNations lumayan bagus, khususnya gaya bangunan yang eksotis dari beragam budaya populer seluruh dunia. Namun dari sisi detil pasukan masih kurang. Detil unit pun tak begitu bagus. Sementara untuk sisi gameplay cukup seru, dimana ada beragam fitur maupun strategi yang selalu meningkat mengikuti peningkatan level dan beragam bangsa yang dapat digunakan. Berkat berbagai fitur yang masih terkunci saat memulai permainan tentu pemain akan penasaran dengan game ini dan mau menjajal berbagai fitur itu. Begitu sejumlah fitur utama terbuka, pemain pasti akan merasakan keseruan DomiNations.

Merupakan game free yang menawarkan IAP, DomiNations lumayan kerap menghadiahkan pemain crown dengan cuma-cuma. Oleh karena itu pemain dapat memanfaatkan crown dengan jumlah tertentu agar bisa meraih keuntungan. Pemain pun bisa memperoleh konten yang berkaitan dengan sejarah yang akan menambah wawasan bagi para penggemar game sejarah. Free, sarat konten sejarah, dan pertempuran yang asyik, DomiNations layak untuk diunduh dan dimainkan.

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