This is the Reason Why Chrono Needs a Serious Buff in the OB32 Free Fire Update


Chrono's skill required a nerf to make the game more balanced for everyone, but it looks like Garena has gone overboard in making the character. So this character needs a serious buff on the OB32 update Free Fire.

Chrono was released on Free Fire in early 2020 in collaboration with Christiano Ronaldo and he has become one of the best characters to get. His ability to protect players with shields while allowing them to attack enemies from the outside was too strong.

Even after a few nerfs with his cooldown and skill duration, this character still gets used a lot because he's too good. After the OB32 Free FIre update, the developers finally ended things by removing the ability to shoot through the Chrono shield.

While this was great news for other players, Chrono users now had less than satisfactory characters. While nerf is meant to improve balanced gameplay for everyone, Garena might go overboard.

Here are the reasons why Garena needs to buff Chrono in the OB32 Free Fire update.

The Reason Chrono Must Be Buffed In The OB32 Free Fire Update

This character immediately became popular because he imitated Christiano Ronaldo. However, gamers soon realized that his abilities were too overpowered. Players can rarely counter-attack Chrono when the shield is active.

Chrono Players Must Change Playing Style 

Update OB32 Free Fire

With the old Chrono skill, players can quickly build and destroy enemies while inside the Chrono shield. That playstyle is no longer feasible after the OB32 Free Fire update. Many players are still struggling to find a new playing style that suits Chrono's new abilities.

Before nerfs, players who used Chrono had a fixed style of play. They will charge at the enemy, then deploy a force field and knock down the opponent. However, once his abilities changed, this strategy became useless.

Players who have perfected Chrono are currently still struggling to adapt to the changes. While the nerfed ability isn't necessarily bad, it does limit Crono's usefulness in the game.

Current Chrono Skills Are Not Very Useful

Update OB32 Free Fire

Chrono's current skill is only good for defensive purposes. While the shield has 800 HP, the cooldown of the skill is too long and the movement speed bonus is removed. Players cannot use abilities as often as other characters like Alok and Skyler.

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His current skill of only spawning a shield vault with 800 HP was a disappointment. Given the long cooldown time of 120 seconds, it's impossible to use it often in the game.

Considering the skills of characters like Skyler and DJ Alok go cold in less than a minute, that makes things unfair. Instead of nerf leveling the playing field for other players, it makes things more difficult for Chrono owners.

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It's Not Fair To Players Buying Chrono

Update OB32 Free Fire

Chrono was never a free character. Players have to buy it for 599 diamonds and they will most likely have to spend real money on it.

Nerf completely changed the way Chrono's abilities worked, which left a lot of people feeling like they were being ripped off. However, after a nerf, its in-game utility is reduced.

Players who buy characters do so with the intention of being able to shoot from a safe place. However, they now find themselves questioning the purchase.

While the developer reserves the right to make changes to balance the game, many players feel cheated by it.

This caused the developers to implement nerf which worked for a while. However, his ability changes didn't seem very effective.

Finally, during the previous update, his ability to fire through force fields was taken away. While this was good news for other players, those with Chrono felt a little cheated.

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Given his circumstances, Chrono has been a disappointing character in Free Fire. While nerf was implemented for good reason, he was able to do so with a bit of in-game buffing in the OB32 Free Fire update. In your opinion, will nerf Chrono in the OB32 Free Fire update be suitable?

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