iPhone 13 Chipset Rumors Might Be Similar to iPhone 12

iPhone 13 Chipset Rumors Might Be Similar to iPhone 12

Many speculate that the iPhone 13 series will not bring significant improvements.

But in fact, the iPhone 13 could bring some big improvements over the iPhone 12, but still use the same chipset.

Some Apple fanboys hope that the new iPhone will use a 3nm chipset. In fact, there are many leaks out there, that the next iPhone will continue to use the 5nm chipset, just like the previous iPhone in 2020.

As written by PhoneArena, the company TSMC, which manufactures components such as chipsets for Apple, recently informed that they have no plans to produce a 3nm chipset to be embedded in the iPhone 13.

Based on a PhoneArena report, this chipset will likely be ready in 2022, it might be available for the iPhone 14, so we can expect the phone to get a big upgrade, rather than the 2021 model.

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iPhone 13 Chipset Rumors Might Be Similar to iPhone 12
iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 13 only made minor upgrades?

Many think that the smaller the chipset, the more powerful the performance provided by the chipset will be. Due to the smaller size, the more transistors can be accommodated in a chipset, thus making it more powerful.

The iPhone 12 series, as well as some Android smartphones that use Snapdragon 888 or similar chipsets, all use 5nm processors, which came into use in 2020.

Many other phones, especially in the low-end to mid-end classes, still stick with 7nm, 10nm, or even larger fabrications. This is what causes the smartphone to be less powerful.

But yes, are there any low/mid-end smartphones with 5nm chipsets now? The answer is of course no, because the current 5nm chipset is only specifically for flagship chipsets, but it is not impossible that 5nm fabrication will use the latest Snapdragon 400 series or the low/mid-end version of Dimensity

As we've said, many fanboys are hoping that Apple will embed a 3nm chipset into its phones in 2021, rather than waiting for 2022 when the technology might be ready.

But, according to the rumors circulating so far, it is still said that the iPhone 13 chipset will likely be very similar to the A14 Bionic in the iPhone 12.

Even if these rumors are true, it doesn't mean the iPhone 13 will miss out on the performance boost. So far Apple has always been able to find a way to improve the A15 Bionic (5nm) to be very powerful, but maybe some of you are disappointed because the new chipset may still use the previous series fabrication.

But, who knows Apple will give a surprise later? Just wait until the official iPhone 13 teaser is released by Apple, maybe in the near future.

We'll find out if this is the case in September, when we expect to see the iPhone 13 launch. We've heard a lot of rumors and leaks before, so stay tuned for news early.

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