HP or Second Laptop? Here are 3 Important Questions Before You Buy It

second hand laptop

A second hand cellphone or laptop can save you a lot of money. Here are three questions that must be asked before you buy it.

Buying a second hand cellphone or laptop can save hundreds of thousands to millions compared to buying expensive new items. There are several ways that are often used by the general public to buy used cellphones or laptops in Indonesia. Some of them, you can dive into used HP or laptop forums on Facebook, look for them on OLX or other forums that sell used goods. Even now there is a marketplace that specializes in selling second hand goods and coupled with their personal guarantee, namely laku6.

You will never know what you will actually get when you buy second hand electronics. Like, can you believe the HP or laptop you bought is really an official ex-warranty or not a fake refurbished item, is the equipment you get really original or KW, and make sure you also get a personal guarantee from the seller, instead You are afraid that the used goods you use will be damaged after you recently bought them.

At least, there are some important questions that you should ask when buying a used cellphone or laptop from either an individual or a shop. Here are the things you need to consider.

  • Make sure the condition of the second cellphone or laptop is worth buying

Smooth android phone
Make sure the second gadget is worth buying

Many of you, after meeting the seller of secondhand goods, only see the physical goods being sold, then deal, and leave the place of transaction. A few days later, it turned out that the second item had problems, and the seller said that there was no guarantee after the item changed hands.

This is what you should watch out for. Don't be fooled or get unlucky after you buy second hand goods, especially cellphones or laptops. If you buy a used cellphone, you are absolutely obliged to run important tests on the existing features. Every HP brand has a function to test their hardware. As with the Xiaomi brand, you can enter CIT/Engineering Mode or commonly known as Hardware Test by tapping "Kernel Version” (Settings – About Phone) 4 times to enter the hardware test menu.

Or if you buy a second-hand laptop, you absolutely must check all the health of the hardware, such as the health of the HDD/SDD, battery, etc. which you can find out with the help of 3rd party programs or from Windows' own built-in functions. The cool thing is that in Windows 10 now, you can find out the health condition of your battery!

After you check the hardware section, then you can carefully check the physical part. If it fits and there are no problems, you can immediately deal with the seller.

  • Make sure whether you get a personal guarantee or whether the second product you buy is still in the warranty period

Don't forget to make sure your second product warranty before buying Vicigers!

Buying goods just now there must be a small part that is defects. How about second hand goods? Of course you have to be very careful. Don't get carried away with a smooth physique, then you immediately decide to buy it.

After you check the hardware and the physical, the next thing you must make sure, is whether the second item you bought is still in the warranty period or getting a personal guarantee from the seller. If after you check and don't get anything wrong with the product. Please ask the seller what warranty you will get after this. We suggest that if the product is not within the official warranty period, you can ask for a personal guarantee at least 1×24 hours after you receive it, it is better if the seller provides a warranty period of more like 3×24 hours.

Of course, this kind of thing can reduce your worry, after you buy second hand electronics. So don't forget to make sure Vicigers!

  • Make sure your second cellphone supports / works on the Indonesian operator network and ensures the authenticity of the HP or laptop accessories that you get

check IMEI
The official IMEI check page on the Ministry of Industry's website

If you buy a second-hand HP ex. Indonesia's official guarantee, we make sure you don't have to worry about IMEI being blocked by Indonesian government policies. However, if you buy second-hand goods. overseas or international warranty. Make sure immediately whether the IMEI has been registered with the Ministry of Industry or not. If the seller doesn't know this, please check the following link https://imei.kemenperin.go.id whether your IMEI is registered or not.

If your IMEI is not registered, even though when you make a transaction, the cellphone still gets a signal, we advise you to immediately cancel the transaction. Because in the next few months it could be your IMEI turn that is blocked because it is not registered with the Ministry of Industry.

Finally, make sure the accessories you get are original, not OEM, let alone KW. At least if the accessories you get are OEM or KW, you already know beforehand, and the overall price for these second-hand goods is cheaper than those with original equipment. You have to really make sure, because the current KW goods can really deceive your common eye!

That's all the tips from us, if you want to buy a second hand cellphone or laptop. Hope the tips above help.

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