Ranked in Mobile Legends again? Check These 10 Cool Heroes

Ranked Mobile Legends
Hello Vicigers! Are you addicted to playing Mobile Legends? Try checking out the 10 coolest heroes that are used the most when ranked Mobile Legends. Which hero are you most interested in? After this, we will discuss all heroes, from carry heroes to support heroes. Curious? Can't wait to know the information? Let's just talk about it!

10 Most Used Heroes When Ranked Mobile Legends

  • Hero Benedetta
You know that Benedetta is hard to kill and often makes it difficult for opponents? Because this is not uncommon, this hero is also often banned when used when Ranked Mobile Legends.
  • Hero Selena
Unlike Hero Benedetta, Hero Selena can be a burden to the team if you can't use it well, especially if you can't use stun and this hero ends up being useless.
  • Hero Granger
Similar to Hero Benedetta, because Hero Granger is often used for Ranked Mobile Legends, this hero is also included in the list of heroes that are often banned. This ultimate hero skill can kill enemies very quickly, no wonder this hero is often a mainstay.
  • Hero Paquito
Next is Hero Paquito, this hero is in great demand when Ranked Mobile Legends because his passive skill has great damage when you get a lot of stacks. Skill 1 of this hero is also pretty cool, skills 2 and 3 also have very large damage, not to mention that this hero can provide great physical damage to his basic attack.
  • Hero Phoveous
Hero Phoveous has a skill that can make enemies difficult because there are no other heroes who can counter this hero. This is one of the reasons why this hero is in great demand when ranking Mobile Legends.

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