Cheapest to Most Expensive Skin List

Cheapest to Most Expensive Skin List

In the Mobile Legend game, there is a thing that can make your character look more attractive which is called a skin. Then, the skin itself is also available in several types. Well, some of these types have different prices. Below we will review the cheapest to most expensive skins.

List of Cheapest to Most Expensive Skins in Mobile Legend

All Epic Caste Skins

Skins from the Basic, Elite, and Epic castes are the skins with the lowest prices. Because, you can get the skin only by removing 899 diamonds or for Rp. 200 thousand.

Rafaela Skin – Flower Fairy

This Rafaela skin coincided with a moment, when it was Easter Day 2019. The Flower Fairy skin has a distinctive appearance with Easter, namely eggs, flowers, and rabbits. To get this skin, you have to buy it for 899 diamonds.

Skin Bane – Count Dracula

Then the Bane Count Dracula skin became the third cheapest skin. This skin appears in the Halloween edition and doesn't appear to have changed much. This luxurious and premium appearance requires that you as a buyer, buy it for 1089 diamonds or around Rp. 300 thousand.

Lightborn Hero Skins

Then there is the Lightborn skin series which is included in the Cheapest to Most Expensive Skin. This skin is quite expensive, but it looks very luxurious. Namely with armor with beige and brown colors on the hero. If you want to get the skin, then you prepare 1089 diamonds or around Rp. 300 thousand.

This skin does have a storyline as a protector of the Moniyam Empire. There are not many heroes who use this skin, there are only 1 tank, 1 mage, 1 marksmann, and 2 assassins. Below are 5 heroes with lightborn skins:

  • Tigreal – Lightborn Defender
  • Fanny – Lightborn Ranger
  • Alucard – Lightborn Striker
  • Granger – Lightborn Overrider
  • Harith – Lightborn Inspirer

KoF skins

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