Characteristics of 9 Map Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty
Until now, the Call of Duty Mobile game offers 9 maps that can be tried one by one. Every Call of Duty Mobile map certainly has
its own characteristics that can benefit or harm the player. To understand better, here are the types of Call of Duty Mobile maps
here are the characters.
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Call of Duty maps
This Call of Duty Mobile map choice is really appropriate for barbarian type players because the area is quite limited. This map is also very appropriate when used as a place to practice shooting or to try weapons that will be used in battle. Truly an important secret when
fighting in the Killhouse map is constantly moving around because this map provides many hiding points. Remembering Call of Duty
This mobile has a fairly narrow area, so the right weapon is a melee type such as an SMG or Shotgun. Even fighting in this map
No need Scope because it will only cause movement to be disrupted.
Map Crash
This is also a narrow sized Call of Duty Mobile map. Typical of this map is to have some invisible corners, narrow passages, as well as surface areas
dark. This Crash type map is quite efficient to use for shelter or setting up camp. Players can complete kills without needing
excessive mobility. In fact, in this map, certain points are found for players who don't want to move to and fro. Therefore, players will also get a high scorestreak. That place is behind the tail of the broken helicopter in the center of the Crash map. Also stands the building with
a pair of ladders for aiming from a high place. Weapons that can be used for this map include Assault Rifle, LMG, or SMG.
Map Hijacked
This Call of Duty Mobile map is also fun because of its small dimensions. When starting to enter this map, players are certainly annoyed because they are often hit by shots
and died while not knowing where the shooter was. The type of weapon that is suitable for this type of Call of Duty Mobile map is the short-range type
e.g. SMG. While the backup weapons are handguns to knives.
Crossfire Map
Is a map with a very large area, so it is quite appropriate to use sniper action. Players can shoot each other from a distance. In this type of Call of Duty Mobile map, a number of hidden areas are also provided to target opponents without being detected. But generally difficult battles will often take place on the streets. The type of weapon that is efficient for such terrain is the Sniper Rifle such as the XPR-50 or DL Q33. Optimize the use of scope.
Nuketown Map
Includes maps with difficult terrain. Many players who have not spawned long have been hit. This map is a bit different from other maps because it varies
spot must be mastered. The Call of Duty Mobile map offers a large area that allows for medium-range warfare. So that the weapon
appropriate, namely assault. But if players like rushers, then the weapon of choice is SMG.
Map Raid
Presents an extra wide zone when compared to the Crossfire map. Apart from that, the Raid map also has various unique spots as shelters. Players must be extra vigilant in this field if they do not want to be hit by a sudden shot. Hard battles often take place in the
the middle is in a small garden. Any type of weapon can be used, what is more important is the battle tactics that must be accurate. However, players can rely on AK117, M16, or ASM10.
Map Firing Range
Has a medium area. This Firing Range map has many angles for battle strategies. This Call of Duty Mobile map is suitable for medium-range combat. The battle itself is random, anywhere can happen. This map does not offer the best spots to hide. Players should choose the type of light weapon such as PDW-57, MSMC, and AKS-74U.
Map Takeoff
This map has a large area, so the battle can take place anywhere. This map offers a variety of interesting spots to escape
away from war. In this map, players will not find dangerous spots considering the vast area. The battles that often take place in this map are medium to long distances. So that the right type of weapon to rely on is the Assault Sniper such as the M4 or ASM10.
Standoff Map
Another option for this Call of Duty Mobile map is a very wide map with various spots for long-range battles. Players can too
hide during the war or escape because there are buildings that are quite helpful. This map can say
quite difficult especially for novice players. This map is generally divided into three areas, namely the lower flank, the upper flank, and the middle area for the choke point.
The type of weapon that must be carried for this map must have good statistics. Because the battles that take place are usually a bit tricky. Various
reliable weapons are the LK24 M4, DL Q33, or AKS-74U.

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