Homer FF Character Combo in OB34 Update, Getting Crazy!

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In this article, we will discuss the Homer FF character combo in the OB34 update that will make you go crazy. So, don't miss it bro!

Homer is the newest character added to Free Fire at OB34. His skill is unique and powerful, he summons drones that damage and slow down enemies. In this article, we will show you 5 Homer FF character combos in the OB34 update.

Homeric Character Combo List FF OB34

Homer is the newest character in Free Fire who is said to be 30 years old. He himself is an assassin, but equipped with advanced technology.

Homer's own character then brings a skill called Senses Shockwave. With this skill, Homer is able to launch a drone that can catch enemies at close range and hit them.


Homeric Characters FF

The first Homer FF character combo is Hayato. While drones appear to be a long-range capability, their slowness is very advantageous.

The skill damages enemies in an area and reduces their movement speed and fire speed, allowing the player to deal damage to them at close range. In a scenario like this, Hayato Firebrand's abilities were perfect.

The first component deals the user more damage by increasing armor penetration, and the second gives the user less damage. Both of these effects scale based on HP and are especially useful in close combat where both sides are shooting at each other.


Homeric Characters FF

When it comes to aiming for close-range duels, Jota is a great “clutch” character that lets you gain HP in the middle of a battle.

When using a weapon, hitting an enemy restores some HP for the user, and knocking down an enemy restores 20 percent of the maximum HP. Jota can be a very deadly Homer FF character combo.

This skill used to be almost useless, only applies to rifles. However, Garena decided to upgrade it to a useful level after players complained.

Jota's character will be the leader of his team, as he is the first character to advance. Don't worry, this character doesn't die easily because he has the Sustained Raids skill, where this skill can get his HP back.

Moreover, Jota uses SMG and Shotgun weapons with very heavy damage. That this character is able to kill the enemy with just a few hits. So you don't have to worry about not getting the skill which is a requirement to activate the skill.

Elite Moco

Homeric Characters FF

Elite Moco Has the ability to mark enemies that are shot for 5 seconds. Extend duration to 6.5 the longer they move. This tracking allows players to use the Homer drone more easily.

Moco is used universally among all the pro players on Free Fire simply because its capabilities are too good. Knowing the enemy's location will give them many strategic advantages and prevent them from escaping. This is especially useful in team games, where enemies move as a group.


Homeric Characters FF

Ability Shirou Tracks shooting players and grants armor penetration bonuses for the first hit against them. While the tracking part is a bit useless up close, the AP bonus isn't.

You can deal tremendous damage with a rifle or DMR when using it in tandem with this ability. When you get shot, it's easy enough to follow the tracking to let go of your drone.

Just don't use Shirou's skills with "spam" weapons like MP40 or P90, because the bonus will be ignored.

You can no longer underestimate this character, this is one of the mechanics of a character with a skill that needs to be hit first. Of course later you will feel the power that Shirou gives when competing.

It can be said that the power of this feature is very beneficial, so be sure to try it carefully. He can reduce Armor penetration by 50 percent if the enemy shoots at us later.

In addition, the enemy who shoots at us will get a vision where we will see where he is. It only takes a few seconds, but something like this is actually very useful for us to use.

Also, if you are at the highest level, the penetration of this armor will increase by 100 percent. So the enemy missiles that attack us after we see our position, don't forget to shoot to release this power.

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Homeric Characters FF

The next Homer FF character combo is Luqueta. Killing Luqueta can increase your Max HP every time you get a kill, up to 50 Max HP.

At max level, you only need 2 kills to get the full amount. This is quite good in BR mode as getting 2 kills is not a difficult requirement. With a higher max HP pool, you should be able to deal with enemies more easily.

The possibility that this character has is Goleada, still in a leaked version. This free luqueta skill can certainly give maximum HP if it is able to kill enemies. Of course something like this can be very useful and very useful for Rush players.

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So every time we kill a free fire game in Luqueta, we also get another Max HP that can still be used. Of course the free luquet skill will not disappoint us. Especially if you are a Rush player, like many and HP is more deadly in the game.

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