5 FF Characters and Pet Combinations Suitable for Barbarian Players!

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FF characters and pets are important elements of Free Fire, and they have a significant impact on gameplay. Both have special abilities that may be of great use to their users and give you a tremendous advantage on the battlefield. Here, we will review FF characters and pet combinations that are suitable for barbarian players.

Many players tend to play aggressively, aka barbarians and want to attack their enemies. As a result, you have to find the ideal character and FF pet combination that complements your playing style.

Combination of FF Characters and Pets for Barbarian Players

When you play barbarians, what you need is a long lasting HP and a fast cooldown period. Well, below is what you need!

A124 and Agent Hop

Pet FF

Character skill A124 converts 60 EP to HP in four seconds at the highest level. It has a small cooldown of only 10 seconds.

As a result, you will be able to quickly convert EP to health in Free Fire. The collected EP can then be converted into HP if needed.

Meanwhile, the Agent Hop pet has a skill called Bouncing Bonus. Equipped with Agent Hop, you get 50 EP every time the safe zone shrinks in Free Fire. It's no wonder that Agent Hop's FF Pet is very good combined with A124.

Alok and Falco

Pet FF

FF's pet named Falco is perfect for DJ Alok. Drop the Beat of Alok creates a 5 meter aura that increases movement speed by 10 percent and recovers 5 HP per second for 10 seconds. This skill is followed by a 45 second cooldown.

There is a 45 percent increase in gliding speed when parachuting and a 50 percent increase in dive speed after the parachute opens when using the Skyline Spree Falco skill. This effect applies to the entire team during matches in Free Fire.

While the benefits of the combination may not be immediately apparent, Falco's ability allows the user to land quickly, while Alok can increase movement speed on the battlefield and heal health.

Jota and Detective Panda

Pet FF

Jota is amazing for the barbaric gameplay in Free Fire, and his skills help you gain HP to hit enemies with firearms. After you take down an enemy, 20 percent of your overall health will be refilled.

Meanwhile, Detective Panda's FF pet works well with Jota, and you can receive ten health if you manage to defeat an enemy.

As a result, with these two effects, you'll get a decent amount of health every time you kill an enemy.

Skyler and Mr. Waggors

Pet FF

Skyler can release sonic waves, damaging five Gloo Walls within 50 meters. It has a cooldown of 60 seconds in Free Fire. Furthermore, each Gloo Wall you install will restore health, starting at nine points.

When you have less than two Gloo Wall grenades, Mr. Waggor generates one every 100 seconds. This skill makes him a worthy option to be paired with Skyler in Free Fire.

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K + Ottero

Pet FF

K increases max EP by 50 points, and has two ability modes. Jiu-jitsu can increase EP conversion by a total of 500 percent (5 EP to HP per second). Whereas Psychology Mode grants 3 EP recovered by the user every second, up to 250 EP.

The mode switch has a small cooldown duration of three seconds. If you have the FF Ottero pet, you can get a certain amount of EP back when you use the Treatment Pistol or medkit in Free Fire. This amount is up to 65 percent of health recovered at the highest level.

The EP obtained from the Ottero skill can quickly become HP thanks to K's character skills.

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Those are the best FF character and pet combinations that are perfect for those of you who like to play barbarians in Free Fire. Playing barbarians is indeed one of the gameplays to get lots of kills.

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