Challenging Zombie Hunting in Unkilled Android

Madfinger Games as a developer seems to want to achieve the same success when launching Dead Trigger and Shadowgun games. This is the newest game entitled Unkilled. Dealing with zombies, Unkilled tries to present a different feel than zombie shooting games which are usually a bit boring.

Pretty Fun Gameplay

Games Unkilled This takes the City setting New York. Players play a member of the military organization WOLFPACK. Its main task is to repel and block zombie attacks from infecting the inhabitants of the earth. Players must be able to break through swarms of zombies using all kinds of weapons in completing various missions which are grouped into around 300 stages. Although the gameplay of Unkilled is quite similar to that carried by Dead Trigger, here the sensation of players when shooting zombies is so exciting. Players will definitely feel at home enjoying this game which also provides simple control button placement.

In Unkilled In this there is an auto-fire feature which immediately shoots itself when the player points his weapon at a flock of zombies. This is certainly quite easy for players who are beginners enough to play shooting games. When fighting, players can launch various types of attacks with various weapons, including taking advantage of the adrenaline feature so that the surrounding conditions are slowed down. The enemies they face are various forms of zombies including giant zombies, zombies wearing mines, and zombies in deadly costumes.

Uncomplicated Storyline

Deep level system Unkilled requires players to complete one mission and then proceed to the next mission. Therefore players will be better able to recognize what is going on. It is just for the story telling side, the Unkilled game is quite limited. So the storyline that players will follow only comes from brief conversations from Joe with team members. If only the developer, Madfinger Games could complete it with more maybe this Unkilled scene will be more interesting and exciting than just shooting zombies.

The eyes of the zombie creature described as bright green like a flashlight are characteristic Madfinger Games. Players can find a zombie illustration design similar to this game with Dead Trigger. Maybe the developer deliberately described it that way. But this factor will actually be boring for some players who just want to try zombie games. For some other players, even zombies in Unkilled seem more easily targeted by bullets because their positions are clearly visible.

It's easy to shoot zombies in the game Unkilled this is too simple. The reason is, players don't have to bother tapping the separate button in shooting zombies, namely applying the autofire mechanism, like the Dead Trigger 2 game. For players who tend to like challenges, of course it doesn't matter, because they can adjust the game control grip so that the shooting control is no longer automatic but manually. Users can also adjust the level of sensitivity of the shot and the camera when walking with the camera entered into Settings menu.

Captivating Visuals

One of The advantage of the Unkilled game is the graphics side by favoring the Unity 5 engine platform. Just look at the depiction of the ruins of Ne York City which looks quite real plus the soft lighting element that makes the game atmosphere so beautiful. eye catching. It is just, there is something quite disturbing about this part of the graphics. It's a depiction of the main character's arms that looks unnatural and stiff. This fact seems to contradict the fairly natural depiction of the background of the place.

In-Game Currency

So in Unkilled it is provided two currency is gold and money. Money can be earned by players while playing this game. The accumulated money is valid for upgrading weapons. Meanwhile, gold must be redeemed using real money. Gold applies to pay for energy and weapons. Gold in Unkilled is optional, although there are some missions that are really difficult to complete if not shop for suggested weapons. But if the player is smart enough, it is not impossible, can finish this game with no pay any money.

Unkilled of course not a perfect game that is able to provide a completely new FPS experience. It is just this game is sufficient to present a pleasant sensation against hordes of zombies for win.

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