Homeland Celebrities in the World of eSports

There's no doubt if the world's progress esports in the country is getting better. When the corona pandemic hit so many business sectors were distraught, on the other hand esports was a fast-growing field because the majority of its activities were online. Not only the most, a number of celebrities are also involved in it. Any celebrities who are professionally involved in the esports business. Here's the information.
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The eSports industry is slowly but surely making a big splash. Early signs suggest that this one area will be bigger and more sustainable than other sectors. Becoming a professional player will someday be the dream of most young people. This activity will soon become a high paying profession.
Yes, eSports is exactly what you might imagine, people working together to play games online. The tournament is now also recognized and held with an enthusiastic online audience of up to millions. As you can imagine, esports tournaments will usually be streamed. There is also a large screen in the stadium that shows exactly what is happening on the screen of the gadget. Not only abroad, esports in Indonesia is showing unprecedented progress. Even the following five artists were so enthusiastic to jump into it.

Raffi Ahmad

This artist is multi-talented. Not only acting as a host of various television shows, the husband of Nagita Slavina is also successful on Youtube with his streaming content. The artist with the full name of Raffi Faridz Ahmad also plunged into the world of esports. Raffi Ahmad also introduced an esports team called RANS Esports. RANS used is a popular designation that comes from Raffi Ahmad's initials, namely RA with NS which stands for Nagita Slavina. RANS has also become the name of a digital content company specifically for uploading on YouTube. Not long ago, the PUBG Mobile team called RANS Glory made a surprise by winning championships in a number of tournaments, namely the Logistic Tournament Online Championship Season 2 and Tri Borneo Championship 2020. In fact, at the Indonesia Esports Awards, the RANS Esports team was able to win for the Favorite Celebrities Team class. .

Ariel Noah

This celebrity, dubbed the lady killer, did not want to be left behind in the Indonesian game world. Nazril Irham, who is more popularly known as Ariel Noah, has been active in the esports business since June 2020, bringing in Two Pillars, which was actually formed in 2003. Ariel Noah himself has been interested in games for 16 years. Through The Pillars, he hopes to be able to enliven the gaming and esports sectors in the country. Until now, The Pillars already have a number of divisions that are starting to appear in various championships. In fact, The Pillars often hold championships with the aim of strengthening the cohesiveness of their team members, which have been around for a long time.

Ganesha's Sleigh

Unlike other celebrities who make esports teams, Giring Ganesha, who is popularly known as Giring Nidji, is even more interested in entering this sector through other channels. He also founded IESPL or Indonesia Esports Premiere League which stands for. So Giring is actually actively organizing tournaments at a level that is not random. Giring's proudest achievement was when he succeeded in organizing the Esports President's Cup as a prestigious annual event in the country. The games he invited were various leading games in the Indonesian esports sector which were also played by many players in the country.

Pevita Pearce

This beautiful artist with the full name of Pevita Cleo Eileen Pearce already knows that she has a reputation for not playing games in the PUBG Mobile game. Apart from participating in the Arctic Witch skin (PUBG Mobile Winter Festival Skin), this artist has also shown his progress in the esports field by occupying the position of chairman of the SMBG.ID organization. Indonesian gamers, of course, understand that Pevita has been playing PUBG Mobile for a long time. Maybe not many people know that Pevita was once a child who spent her time at an internet cafe, she had nothing else to do but play games.

Olla Ramlan

It didn't take long for this artist to follow his best friend, Raffi Ahmad, by creating an esports team. In July 2020, Olla Ramlan, who is not only a carrier but also a model and advertisement star, formed an esports team called ORS Esports. Over time, the team name was changed to Winaar Esports. His esports team has two divisions that are often present, namely MLBB and PUBG Mobile. Currently, Winaar Esports is looking for more experience through the various tournaments it participates in.
Industri esports Indonesia makin bersinar dengan keterlibatan 5 selebritis papan atas tanah air. Tentu saja diharapkan selanjutnya akan makin banyak selebritis yang berkiprah dalam industri yang sangat menarik terutama kalangan muda ini.

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