Causes of Lag Game on Your Phone

Causes of Lag Game on Your Phone


Hi friends Vicigers how are you all?? you must be healthy always, the important thing is not to get sick with your cellphone, hehehehe, have you ever had problems with lag when playing games on cell phone is an annoying condition because it interferes with the fun while playing. Lagging on the phone is affected by several factors.

Each game has different system requirements, depending on the file size, graphics quality, and the amount of data in it. To be able to run the game smoothly, the phone must meet adequate system requirements.

Reported from various sources, system requirements cover several aspects. If these aspects are not met, the smartphone will lag when used to run large games.

Here are some factors that make playing games on your cellphone lag.
  1. CPU and GPU performance

To play games, especially those with high-quality graphics, you need a capable processor speed. The higher the CPU speed, the faster the data processing time so it doesn't cause lag. In addition, a reliable GPU is also needed to process graphics so that images can move smoothly without breaking. If the CPU and GPU do not meet the requirements of the game system, the processing time will be slow and there will be lag when running the game.

  1. RAM Capacity

RAM on the phone is in charge of processing data from applications that are run. Large games require large capacity RAM to process data. Don't be surprised if the game lags when running on a cellphone with a RAM capacity below the system requirements, because the device is not able to process game data quickly.

  1. Memory Full

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Due to the full internal memory, there is not enough space to store application data. That can be the cause of the cellphone experiencing lag when playing games that require large data storage space, so my friend often rests his cellphone.

  1. Connectivity

The majority of popular games today are played online. So, it takes adequate connectivity so that the game runs smoothly. Network speed and the latest Wi-Fi technology make the phone has fast internet connectivity to process data in games, so there is no lag. If the internet connection is weak, practically the game cannot be played optimally due to lag. therefore, friends, vicigers, make sure the connectivity is fast and don't play when the network is bad.

maybe that's all from mimin for all of you who experience lag when playing games that are more fun, so friends vicigers can treat from experience that maybe your cellphone from each of you is not adequate, look for a good ram and processor capacity and an affordable price

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