5 Crypto Calculators You Should Use, Easy!

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To calculate the advantages and disadvantages of investing in the crypto world, you need a crypto calculator. Well, VCGamers has rounded up 5 crypto calculators that you should use because of their convenience.

Cryptocurrency investing has become one of the most profitable ways to make money virtually. The market, which debuted in 2009, has since skyrocketed. Although the market has been highly volatile throughout its history, it is well worth the risk for early investors.

Many people who invest in cryptocurrencies often have no way of calculating how much they have made trading so far.

If you are just starting your journey as a crypto trader, then you should use a crypto calculator to track your profits and forecast future profits.

There are many crypto calculators available on the internet that can help calculate profits or predict how much money you can make trading. To use the crypto calculator, simply enter the amount you want to invest or have invested and the purchase price.

What is a Crypto Calculator?

Crypto Calculator

A crypto calculator is a tool that retrieves data from a wallet or exchange. After that, it calculates profit, loss, and income based on that data.

However, you can still enter data manually for calculations. After calculating the data, the crypto tax calculator offers amazing features like filling out forms or importing taxes into other integrations like TurboTax for further processing.

Most crypto traders use crypto tax calculators to automate their crypto tax reporting. Therefore, if you are an active trader or even a regular trader, you should consider using a crypto tax calculator.

Crypto tax calculators work in several ways. The first and easiest and most reliable is to connect an exchange or wallet via an API key or a public address. Then, the crypto tax calculator will download the data and start calculating.

List of Best Crypto Calculators 2022


Crypto Calculator
Crypto Illustration
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You can use this crypto calculator to determine how much you can make investing in cryptocurrencies over time.

To use this bitcoin calculator, enter the first investment amount you want to calculate in USD or EUR, then select the cryptocurrency you are interested in and the date of purchase. Click calculate to see the coin price and investment fee.

Other cryptocurrencies not listed in the dropdown can still be used as long as you type in the correct ticket number. For example, instead of Ethereum, type ETH.


Crypto Calculator
Crypto Calculator

Mortagecalculator is a calculator crypto which is easy to use. Fill in the “Investment Amount” field with the amount you invested and enter the coin price at the investment point in the “initial coin price” field.

In the “Coin Selling Price” column, enter how much the coin cost when you sold it, then enter the percentage of the investment fee in the “Investment Cost” column.

The result will display the investment amount, the number of crypto coins equivalent to the amount you invested, the profit/loss, the investment fee, and the total amount. A green profit/loss number indicates a profit while a red number indicates a loss.

Easy Bitcoin Calculator

This calculator can only calculate bitcoins, but it's a quick way to check profits. It works when you enter the number of bitcoins you bought, and the buy and sell prices.

You can also include the transaction fees paid. It is available in the Android app and has a friendly user interface.


This crypto calculator is useful for calculating how much money you might make while trading by entering the required value. It is designed to simulate trading positions that are open and closed at specific values, as well as monetary yields and the number of pips gained or lost.

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DQYDJ is a profit calculator with a default date of 17 July 2010 and the current date as yesterday's date. This means that this calculator cannot predict the future earnings of any cryptocurrency.

To determine the investment value between two dates, calculate the amount invested, state the start and end dates, then tick the CPI button. The results will be displayed next to the total return, annual return, and final grade.

You can use a crypto calculator to monitor the current value of different cryptocurrencies, which is useful for estimating future profits because you have to use the current coin price as the purchase price.

If you don't want to use a tax calculator for whatever reason, there is an alternative you can use.

First, you can hire a tax attorney who is experienced in taxes cryptocurrency. But the downside of this option is its high cost; Also, there can be human error.

Another option you have, you can calculate your own taxes. However, it requires prior knowledge and it can be very complicated and time consuming.

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Crypto tax calculator is essential. You no longer need to spend hours calculating taxes when you can automate it. Furthermore, with a tax calculator, you can eliminate human error from tax calculations.

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