Calamity Reaper: Hero Mage's Mainstay Item That Can Make Your Opponents Tough!

Calamity Reaper Hero Mage Assassin

Play as mage in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) but don't know items right? Calamity Reaper This could be the solution to your confusion. So far, Calamity Reaper is items which is still popular among the hero mage or hero which has basic attack which is quite high based on its status.

Here are the usage details Calamity Reaper which you can apply.

About Calamity Reaper

Calamity Reaper Items this includes one magic items that you can buy, both in early, mid, or late game. You can prioritize jungling, carry, or attack support your friends first before buying items this or buy it right away when you have enough gold. As for the price of items this is 1950 gold.

Although items you can use this when early game, usually para pro player always use items it's in mid and late games because they prefer to collect gold and to-upgrade skills para hero them first. It's different if hero you are quite agile in avoiding enemy siege, do a lot kill in early game, or get cover from your partner.

magic items this one is very suitable for use hero mage who rely heavily on basic attack-his. A number of hero Assassin can also use items this is due to the passive effect it exerts.

Example hero mage who can use items these are Kagura, Hayley and Cyclops. Then, Selena, Gusion and Karina are examples of some heroes Assassin which you can pair with items this.

Next to Mage heroes you can also use this item, such as Cyclops, Kagura and Harley.

Calamity reaper items these can be purchased by players when they are on mid game, but not blamed for buying items this while at early game because the price is also fairly cheap and for additions Magic Powerit is quite large.

Details Calamity Reaper, Magic Items the GG

Here are the details Calamity Reaper which can add stat, especially for Hero Mage and some assassin:

  • Addition Magic Power by 70 points
  • Addition Where by 100 points
  • Additional 30 points Where's Regen
  • CD Reduction of 10%

Passive Effect

Give true damage for basic attack of 120% Magic Attack.

From these details, Calamity Reaper it's popular with magic items which can produce true damage. Hero Mage as mentioned above have basic attack less sick, so items this can be booster for damage they. The same is true for the assassin heroes dependent on basic attack combo-his.

If you play as mage (or assassin), you don't have to worry anymore about damage. You can even become the mainstay of the team especially when mid nor late game while being support they. Cool isn't it?

By using items which cost 1950 Gold this the players can already get extra stat points which is quite a lot.

What are the advantages Calamity Reaper?

Damage which derives from skills The player's attack will increase even more because they get additional magic power of +70 and also the usage where when wearing skills an attack that will be more efficient because it has received an additional amount where and also get where is regen.

Skills passive Calamity Reaper items this is obtained after using basic attack. It means, basic attack next will give effect true damage which is equivalent to 120% Magic Attack.

Cooldown from effect items this can only last for 1.5 seconds. Besides that, Movement Speed can increase over time by as much as 10% when skills passive items it's active.

Movement Speed What will be given is very useful for escaping from encirclement or chasing opponents. Especially when skills passive items this is combined with hero skills as skills 1 owned by Karina and skills 3 that Selena owns.

Maximizing Calamity Reaper Items

Furthermore, in order to maximize Calamity Reaper items this, players can use combo the following:

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Skills -> Basic Attack -> Skills -> Basic Attack.

Combo you don't have to apply it every time remember a lot style of play which you can explore during the game. Use items it will be very situational when you play as Hero Mage such as Harley, Cyclops and Kagura as well as Hero Assassin like Selena, Gusion and Karina.

Then, what is the use of items which is more optimal? Here are the options that you can apply if you play as heroes the.

Play as Harley, Cyclops and Kagura

Third Hero Mage this will be Hero feared in late game especially when you can combine combo skills they With skills passive Calamity Reaper.

If you play as Harley, Cyclops and Kagura, you can try to apply combo the following:

  • Always take advantage skills 1 and skills 2.
  • Use Basic Attack after using skills 1 and 2 are.
  • Always calculate the distance between you and your opponent, use skills passive from Calamity Reaper to escape from the opponent or use flicker.

Skills passive Harley has the effect of adding Magic Damage, Physical Attack and total Magic Power-his. In late game, you can spam skills 1 and ultimate to be support attacker para Hero Fighter or Tankers in your team.

You should always be careful to use skills This 1 and 2 Harley, especially skills 2 which can be used to escape or get closer to your opponent.

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As user Cyclops, you can spam skills 1 and 2 followed by Basic Attack-its because skills 2 Cyclops can add Movement Speed and keep you from being chased by your opponent.

Fortunately, Cyclops has ultimate which include ranged attack so you can launch again combo earlier. Calamity Reaper can add speedso that it can attack the opponent optimally.

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Now, combo for those of you who use Kagura will be a little tricky, because you have to really remember the pattern comboespecially in late game.

Use Skills 1 followed by ultimate, then use skills 2 to move places and away from the opponent. Calamity Reaper can also help Kagura produce damage which is very wow in late game this.

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Play as Gusion, Selena and Karina

Trio Assassin from Hero Assassin other this can also generate damage who is sick in late games with the help of Calamity Reaper. Items it especially adds speed and help them earn true damage on his opponent.

If you play as Gusion, combination skills 1, 2 and ultimateit becomes a powerful combination to defeat opponents who are always on the run.

You can catch up with your opponent by ultimate or spam skills 2, or use combined skills 1 and ultimateher for consecutive attacks. Profit Calamity Reaper Of course, making Gusion a killing machine in late game.

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Selena which can turn into fashion elf and Abyss it becomes a scary ghost with help Calamity Reaper. You can use skills 1 and 2 modes elf for ranged attacks, and skills 1 and 2 modes Abyssal for burst and melee.

Keep in mind, you must first understand the tactics of using Selena before you can apply combo this is because Selena is included Hero with a level of difficulty high enough for beginners to use.

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Calamity Reaper will strengthen damage skills 2 and ultimate Karina. After you-upgrade skills Karina di late game, you can spam skills 1 and 2 then ultimate so that your opponent does not have a chance to strike back. Ulti Karina if it hits the target it willreset Skills CD 1 and 2, so you can directly attack your opponent again.

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How, already imagined right advantages of using Calamity Reaper items this? In the end, it all depends on style of play what you do. Whether it's effective or not, please keep monitoring it gold you, your team's situation, the opponent's movements and build heroes that you use.

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