Recommended Build Mirana Dota 2 2022

Mirana Dota 2

Dota 2 has many Hero choices to play as Support. One of these heroes is Mirana Dota 2, a typical hero riding a beast.

If Vicigers are curious, here is the Mirana Dota 2 build which is suitable for Vicigers to use patch 7.32b this.

Mirana Dota 2 builds

Many players use Mirana because the gameplay is quite unique. Players can do stun long enough against enemies based on the Sacred Arrow skill.

In addition, Mirana can also provide invisibility against one team and the Leap skill that provides high mobility.

The following are items that are suitable for Mirana with the role Support, from early game to phase late game.

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Early Game

Build Mirana Early Game
Build Mirana in the Early Game. Source: YouTube/Dota Persona

Like other hero builds, Mirana requires regeneration items such as Tango, Faerie Fire, Healing Salve, and Mango.

For stat giving items, Vicigers can buy Circlet which will then become Urn of Shadows.

Because playing as support, Vicigers needs to buy a ward so they can detect enemies.

So for early game Mirana needed a few items because in the end she only played as Support.

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Mid Game

Build Mirana Dota 2 Mid Game
Build Mirana During Mid Game. Source: YouTube/Dota Persona

Urn of Shadows become Mirana's priority item. Players must roam and get kill participation in order to get a charge.

Charge Urn of Shadows can be used by Vicigers to deal damage to enemies. Apart from that, Vicigers can also heal teammates with the Urn of Shadows charge.

Shoes that Vicigers can buy are Arcane Boots. These shoes are shoes that can provide Mana. Arcane Boots are very useful for friends who need mana.

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Spirit Vessel is an upgrade item from Urn of Shadows. This item provides better stats and more painful damage. So, Vicigers' priority when playing Mirana is buying a vessel and getting a charge.

Late Game / Luxury Items

Build Mirana Dota 2 Late Game
Build Mirana During the Late Game. Source: YouTube/Dota Persona

For the late game, Vicigers can buy Vladimir's Offering. After that, the item can be upgraded to a Wraith Pact.

Wraith Pact is very useful and is one of the current META items. When doing a team fight, install the Wraith Pact and one team will receive a durability buff.

The last item that Vicigers can buy is the Scythe of Vyse or Hex. With this item, Vicigers can turn enemies into pigs so they can't do anything.

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Talent Tree Mirana Dota 2

Build Mirana Dota 2 Talent Tree
Choice of Talent Tree Mirana. Source: Liquipedia

Vicigers can take the right talent tree for level 10 which is -2.0s Sacred Arrow Cooldown. By taking this talent, Vicigers will use the Sacred Arrow more often.

For level 15, Vicigers can take Moonlight Shadow gives +20.0% Evasion. Evasion is very useful because it will be more difficult for enemies to deal damage when Moonlight Shadow (Ultimate Mirana) is active.

A level 20 talent can reduce Moonlight Shadow's cooldown by 20 seconds if Vicigers takes the talent on the right.

Finally, many players choose the level 25 talent in the form of +2 Multishot Sacred Arrow so that Mirana can shoot three arrows at once.

Thus the discussion regarding the Mirana Dota 2 build along with the talent tree recommendations for each level.

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