The Painful Lapu Lapu Build Recommendation 2023

The Painful Lapu Lapu Build
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Lapu Lapu is one of the Fighter heroes in Mobile Legends with high enough damage if you use the appropriate build. If you want to give high damage, then you can use the following Lapu Lapu build.

This Hero Fighter has a very useful skillset and is disabled against enemies. Apart from that, the damage output from Lapu Lapu is also in the form of area of effect, stun, and also dash.

This time, VCGamers will discuss about the sickest Lapu Lapu build containing full damage items. Almost all items in this build provide damage stats, but some also provide durability stats.

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The Painful Lapu Lapu Build Full Damage

Lapu Lapu users, of course, know that this hero can provide quite a high damage output. However, you must use a suitable build like the following Lapu Lapu build.

Blade of the Heptaseas

Blade of Heptaseas for Lapu Lapu
Blade of Heptaseas for Lapu Lapu. Source: VCGamers

The first item that is suitable for a full damage Lapu Lapu build is Blade of the Heptaseas. As a fighter hero with physical damage, this item is perfect.

Blade of the Heptaseas provides +70 Physical Attack to increase Lapu Lapu's damage output. Apart from that, there is also an additional durability stat in the form of +250 HP.

This item also offers a unique attribute of +15 Physical Penetration. This damage penetration is quite important because it will be easier to kill enemy heroes with Physical Defense.

Finally, you will also get a unique passive called Ambush. This unique passive deals additional damage when not receiving or dealing damage for 5 seconds.

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Warrior Boots

Build Lapu Lapu Warrior Boots
Warrior boots for Lapu Lapu. Source: VCGamers

As a choice of shoes, you can use Warrior Boots. This shoe gives +40 Movement Speed like other shoes, but the second additional stat is an additional +22 Physical Defense.

The additional durability stat is quite important as a fighter hero. If you are only concerned with damage, then you will find it difficult to survive. Therefore, Warrior Boots can add stats to be more resistant to damage from enemies.

These shoes also provide a unique passive called Valor which will increase Physical Defense. Of course Physical Defense will be useful against enemy heroes with Physical Attack.

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Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax for Lapu Lapu
Bloodlust Ax for Lapu Lapu. Source: VCGamers

The next item is Bloodlust Ax which provides an additional +70 Physical Attack and +10% Cooldown Redcution. This stat will be very influential because it adds to the overall damage output.

The additional damage output comes from +70 Physical Attack because Lapu Lapu uses Physical Attack. After that, +10% Cooldown Reduction is also very useful for using skills more often.

Not only that, you will also get +20% Spell Vamp of unique attributes. Spell Vamp is an attribute that you can use to get HP according to the damage you produce through skills.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair
Blade of Despair for Lapu Lapu. Source: VCGamers

The next item that is suitable for Lapu Lapu is a fairly well-known damage item, namely Blade of Despair or BoD. Blade of Despair is very famous among Physical Damage heroes because of the high stats it gives.

Providing a high Physical Attack stat of +160 is very useful for the damage output of Lapu Lapu. Not only that, this item also gives +5% Movement Speed which makes Lapu Lapu more agile.

Finally, of course BoD provides a unique passive in the form of giving a buff to Physical Attack when dealing damage to enemies with HP below 50%.

War Ax for Build Lapu Lapu

War Ax
War Ax for the Painful Lapu Lapu Build. Source: VCGamers

The last item in this Lapu Lapu build recommendation is the War Ax. It's time to close the build with items that provide Physical Attack, Cooldown Reduction, and of course additional HP as a durability stat.

Lapu Lapu will receive +35 Physical Attack, +10% Cooldown Reduction, and +550 HP. All of these stats will certainly benefit Lapu Lapu when doing teamfights.

Apart from that, the available unique passive also really helps the damage output because it adds Physical Attack and Physical Penetration.

Thus the discussion regarding the painful Lapu Lapu build, I hope this is useful!

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