Build the Sickest Grock Hero in Season 24 of Mobile Legends

Hero Grock's Weaknesses

Use this building of the sickest Grock hero in season 24 of Mobile Legends to get an easier victory. So, don't miss this important information.

Grock is the deadliest hero in Mobile Legends. This hero has very high damage and stamina. He has a skill called Guardian's Barrier, this skill creates a barrier wall that can cover anything. With the skills he has, he might be your choice when playing the leaderboards.

Well, of course, so that this hero can be more victorious in the game, he needs the right Grock support hero build. Well, this time we will recommend you to build the strongest Grock hero in season 24 that you can use in Mobile Legends. Want to know what Grock's hero build is in season 24 of Mobile Legends? Just read the following review to the end.

List of Build Hero Grock Season 24

Courage Mask

Build Hero Grock

The first thing that must be a Grock hero build is Courage Mask. As a Tank, your job is to travel.

By buying this Roam item, he can be very helpful when roaming. In addition, this item can also be activated. Once activated, Grock and team members, as neighboring heroes, receive extra movement speed, physical and magical attacks.

The Courage Mask effect at the start pacifies the team of farmers to dress fearlessly for the experience and gold in the tank. When used as a Courage Mask, the most beneficial effect for him is the additional effect on movement speed of 30 percent and 25 points.

As mentioned above, heroes like Harith, Alice, Yi Sun Shin are very hard to catch. With the added speed and endurance the Courage Mask provides, they can easily catch them.

In addition, this item is very flexible to suit the conditions of the battle. With Tough Boots, it is certain that the stun or slow impact caused by the enemy will not affect him.

Rapid Boots

Build Hero Grock

As a tank hero with a little slow motion, the good thing he bought right away was Rapid Boots. This item will provide extra speed action against Grock. This way, he moves faster.

Not only that, this item also has a passive skill, where when he deals or receives damage, it will reduce the opponent's hero speed by 40 percent, which takes 5 seconds.

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Dominance Ice

Build Hero Grock
Dominance Ice
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Another defense item that needs to be purchased and used as a Grock hero build is Dominance Ice. This item will provide extra physical defense, mana, and speed action against it. That buying this thing will make its defense and movement higher.

It doesn't stop there, this can also reduce the movement speed of enemy heroes around it by 10 percent. 

However, seeing the enemy being fought has high mobility, Dominance Ice seems to be the best option. When buying this item, the attack speed of the enemy who attacks it will decrease. Yi Sun Shin who is known to be dangerous because of his passive can not move when dealing with this item. 

Not only that, the effect of reducing movement speed to the enemy will also make it easier for him to chase all his opponents. Moreover, his ulti combo and two skills can withstand the movement of enemies who do not have dash abilities. Then with the Ice Dominance effect, it is certain that no enemy can escape his reach.

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Build Hero Grock

To increase his defense to become stronger. Then the next thing to buy is Immortality. Buying this item will increase his defense, because this item will give him more HP and more physical defense against him.

Not only that, this Immortality item also has a passive skill, where if he dies, this passive skill will revive him and get 15 percent HP, and a damage shield of 300-1000 will take into account the level of the hero.

As a barbarian tank, you can use this item to unlock all hero skills used by the enemy. This item is an item that you must buy as a tank in Land Of Dawn.

Brute Force Breastplate

Build Hero Grock

To minimize enemy damage, it is best to choose Brute Force Breastplate. The reason is, he is an aggressive type Hero Tank and is very suitable for activating the effects of these things.

The more attacks launched, the more physical and magical defenses increase by 4 points and can be stacked up to five times. In total, if five attacks are successfully carried out on the enemy, there are 20 points left for defense. 

This series of Grock hero builds can be a reference for you on how to return it to the public domain meta-line. In addition to being strong in endurance, his movement speed is also very dangerous for the opponent. Not to mention that this hero will be immune from the public spotlight, so it will be very difficult to beat him.

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