The Best Balmond Build Right Now in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, There's the Latest Update!

The Best Balmond Build Currently in Mobile Legends

If you have played many heroes in the game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang lately, Vicigers pals may have noticed that Balmond has become a popular hero choice.

Balmond may be the least used tank hero in recent years after the emergence of a new tank hero in Mobile Legends. However, with the latest update for Balmond, you can make the current build of Balmond sicker compared to other tank heroes.

After being considered a forgotten hero, Bloody Beast received a game-changing buff in patch 1.5.96 which makes it worthy in the current meta. 

How strong was Balmond currently in the Land of Dawn? And what items should you buy in Balmond to maximize its power? Let's find out.

Buff Balmond in Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.96

Unique Facts of Balmond Mobile Legends

After the latest update and the current Balmond buff in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, making it even better to use than before.

  • Skill 2 – Cyclone Sweep: Cooldown reduced from 7 seconds to 6 seconds
  • Ultimate – Lethal Counter: Cooldown reduced from 32-24 seconds to 28-18 seconds

The update may not look that significant, but these two skills with reduced cooldowns mean a lot on the battlefield. For example, the Cyclone Sweep lasts roughly about three seconds. With a cooldown of only six seconds, you can basically use this skill every three seconds.

The same applies to the ultimate Lethal Counter skill. His ultimate is basically an instant kill against heroes with low HP. Having a drastically lower cooldown means it's basically a better version of the Battle Spell, Execute, in every important team fight.

What's the Best Balmond Build Right Now?


Balmond has a very strong kit that can kill enemies easily and at the same time heal himself thanks to his passive skill, Bloodthirst. The only obstacle faced is the cooldown of the skill.

With this in mind, it's best to combine item damage, HP, and cooldown reduction in the build to maximize the Bloody Beast's potential.

Here is the Balmond build:

Currently, Balmond builds usually include War Ax and Bloodlust Ax as they both complement the gameplay and increase the damage.

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Brute Force Breastplate, Cursed Helmet, and Warrior Boots will increase HP and increase physical and magical defense. The last item can be exchanged, you can use Dominance Ice to reduce enemy skill regen or Immortality to give you a chance to be resurrected.

Here are some Balmond build items that you need to take note of:

  • War Ax 
  • Bloodlust Ax 
  • Oracle 
  • Dominance Ice
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The above items gave Balmond the stats needed to be unrivaled. If you look closely, all of these items provide a cooldown reduction of 10 percent. This item reduces Cyclone Sweep's cooldown by an additional 1 to 1.5 seconds.

Since this hero doesn't need mana, you can now frequently use Cyclone Sweep to gain victory.

You can switch Oracle for Hunter Strike if you want to be more offensive, because both items provide a reduced cooldown. Passive Hunter Strike provides a movement speed buff, which works well with the Balmond kit.

As for upgrading boots, you can replace them depending on the enemy lineup. Warrior Boots against heavy physical damage lineup, and Tough Boots if the enemy composition has a lot of crowd control skills and magic damage.

In the late game, you can build Immortality for extra survivability. The important thing to note here is that cooldown reduction synergizes best with Balmond in the current meta.

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That was the best Balmond build at this time and you can use it in the current meta. The Balmond build will make you much tougher and make enemy heroes run wild when they meet you.

Please keep in mind that our recommended Balmond build item is based on the latest 2021 buff. So, make a Balmond build that makes him sicker on the battlefield.

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