Build Aulus Hurts in Mobile Legends, Shows His Strength!

Build Hero Aulus

On this occasion, we will discuss the Aulus build hurts in Mobile Legends. You can show off his awesomeness in the Land of Dawn by using this Aulus build.

Aulus is a very strong Fighter-type hero with a good set of Area of ​​Effect, Burst damage, and Crowd Control skills. He belongs to the Leonin group (Harith, Nana).

You can play it like a defensive fighter in the middle and final phases. His passive skill increases basic attack damage and Aulus can forge various types of abilities every time he increases his ultimate skill. He can easily kill all slippery heroes with the help of his Ax Power. 

He is quite difficult to play as a hero type and a bit squishy too in the early phase. In this guide, we will take a look at the Aulus build hurt in Mobile Legends.

Build Aulus Hurts in Mobile Legends

Build Aulus Sick and Gameplay Aulus

Here you will get whatever Aulus build hurts. All you have to do is follow the enemy picks and then decide on your role in the battlefield.

Try to focus on items that deal Physical attack damage, Tenacity, and Physical Vamp. We will share 2 types of builds, you can use them as needed but never forget to build two core items, War Ex and Brute Force. We've prepared the following templates to try out with Aulus on the battlefield.

For the Aulus build item that hurts, the choice of boot shoes is very important before buying other offensive items. Based on the way Aulus's top players used it, War Ax and Windtalker were the core items.

Here are the most common Aulus build items for jungle in typical games.

  • Warrior Boots 
  • War Ax 
  • Blade of despair 
  • Brute Force Breastplate 
  • Berserker's Fury 
  • Immortality

War Ex items are exactly what you need to increase your passive and Breastplate will give you extra movement speed and physical plus magical defense. Don't build Bloodlust Ax because the vamp spell is not as effective as Haas's Claw build for Physical Lifesteal.

You can also buy Windtalker/Corrosion Scythe/Blade of Heptaseas to increase attack speed. If your team has enough continuous heroes on the team, select BOD. Finally, wrap yourself in Immortality for extra lives.

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You can exchange Warrior Boots with Tough Boots if the enemy has greater magic damage. If you fall behind, you can trade the Blade of Despair for a defensive item like Brute Force Breastplate or Athena's Shield, depending on the enemy lineup.

Easy to Learn Aulus Combo

Aulus pubg

When playing Aulus, always remember that having the maximum Fighting Spirit is the key to victory. With that said, this guide aims to quickly get the most out of its appearance.

When facing a single enemy, a good combo is to attack him with Aulus, Charge! basic attack, The Power of Ax, another basic attack, then Undying Fury. This is always a definite kill, especially if the enemy doesn't have escape skills.

In teamfight you should use Undying Fury first before Aulus, Charge! Once you're in the middle of a team fight, use The Power of Ax and hit as many enemies as you can.

Assuming you have your base attack stack maxed out, lock down the enemies with the least amount of health and hit them hard with basic attacks.

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Recommended emblem set for Aulus Sick Build

Aulus relied on his basic attacks so having high movement speed would work wonders throughout the match. With this, the Assassin's Emblem is the way to go for the Warrior of Ferocity.

Under the Assassin Emblem, use Agility to increase movement speed, Invasion for extra physical penetration, and Killing Spree to increase movement speed and heal every time you kill an enemy.

This is the only emblem build that is effective for him, as it gives Aulus the stats he needs to dominate.

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Well, that was the Aulus build that hurt in Mobile Legends that you can imitate and use in the current meta. Good luck!

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