This is the Painful Angela Build in Mobile Legends 2021, Makes the Enemy Convulse!

Hero Angela's Weakness

Hello Vicigers friends and Moba game lovers Mobile Legends. As usual, this time VCGamers will share another Mobile Legends hero build, namely Angela's sickest build in Mobile Legends in 2021. This discussion is perfect for you as user support and mage, especially user Angela.

Hero Angela is a very useful support hero for the team, where her ultimate can be used to possess her chosen friend.

Players who use Angela will get a fairly thick shield and a fairly high movement speed. In the body of the team's hero player, he can still issue his skills which of course will interfere with the opponent's hero.

When Angela's 1st skill hits her friend's hero, the hero will recover. And if hit by the opponent's hero, the hero will receive magic damage. Skill 2 Angela throws a rope that can give a slow effect to the opponent's hero. If the rope is not released for 3 seconds, the opponent will be stunned.

Well, to make the enemy even more convulsive, you need to pay attention to the sick Angela build in the following review.

Build Angela Sick as Support

Angela is a guard/support specialist hero whose skills are really needed by the team. Therefore, item selection will be focused on cooldown reduction type mages.

However, this item will still increase the damage from Angela's skill. Curious? Let's see the full discussion of the items below!

Courage Mask

Courage Mask

As a support mage, the first item that must be purchased is of course the item mask to build the sick Angela. Courage mask is the right item to support Angela, where every gold and exp from creeps or minions will be given to the nearest hero core, so the core hero will quickly level up and get a lot of gold.

This item has a passive skill called Devotion and Thriving. When this skill is activated, closest friends will get a 30 percent increase in movement speed and 20 percent damage.

Courage Mask also provides several additional effects such as +700 HP, +10 percent cooldown reduction, and 25 percent movement speed. When you get kills or assists, you will get bonus gold.

Demon Shoes

demon shoes

One of Angela's tips for playing Angela is to transfer her skills to friends and enemies. Because as we know, skill 1 can heal friends and give magic damage to opponents.

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Therefore you need a lot of supplies so you don't run out in the middle of the road. Well, Demon Shoes will give you a fairly large mana regen and can increase Angela's movement speed.

Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time Mobile Legends

The next building item that hurts Angela is Fleeting Time. We all know that Angela's most useful skill is the ultimate skill or skill 3. This skill can be used to possess one of her comrades with the aim of helping her fight.

However, this skill has a fairly long cooldown. Therefore we need an item that can speed up the reappearance of the skill, and you can choose the Fleeting Time item.

This item will reduce Angela's ultimate skill cooldown by 30 percent after she gets a kill or assist. In addition, it also increases +70 magic power and 15 percent cooldown permanently. This item will make Angela's ultimate skill can be used many times.

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Necklace of Durance

Necklace of Durance

Angela's next hurt build item is a Necklace of Durance. This item has a passive that can reduce the opponent's regen by 50 percent when the opponent is hit by a skill.

This item is perfect for fighting heroes who have high regen skills and who use lifesteal items such as Alucard, Uranus, Ruby, etc. In addition, you will also get +60 magic power, +5 percent cooldown, and 10 percent lifesteal.

Ice Queen Wand


Next from the sick Angela build, it is highly recommended to choose the Ice Queen Wand. Because this item can provide a fairly high slow effect for opponents affected by the skill.

Ice Queen Wand is very suitable to be chosen because it is very suitable for Angela's type of game who always spams skills 1 and 2. Angela will trouble her opponents because it always slows their movement. Other attributes obtained from this item are +75 magic power, +10 percent lifesteal, +150 mana, and +7 percent movement speed.

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That was the sickest Angela build in Mobile Legends 2021 which could make the enemy convulse. Do Vicigers friends have Angela's own sick build?

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