BTR Rippo Gives New Nickname to Bigetron Alpha! MPL S7

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BTR Rippo Gives New Nickname to Bigetron Alpha! MPL S7


Wow buddy Vicigers, looks like this time BTR Rippo Gives Bigetron Alpha a New Nickname!

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Bigetron Alpha appeared impressive and succeeded in defeating ONIC Esports in the upper bracket round.

After the fight, BTR Rippo who was interviewed at MPL Quickie many questions, but there are interesting questions about RRQ Hoshi returning home early on the first day. As we know that Bigetron almost never wins against RRQ Hoshi, so they are nicknamed the guinea pig.

And answering Clara Mongstar's question about the nickname, Rippo gave a new nickname for Bigetron Alpha as follows.

BTR Rippo Gives New Nickname to Bigetron Alpha! MPL S7
Source : BTR Rippo

"Rabbit King," said Rippo briefly.

It might not seem serious, but Bigetron Alpha could really get this title if he succeeds in winning the MPL ID Season 7 this time.

Bigetron Alpha, which finished in 4th place this season, actually appeared very extraordinary. With the same total wins and losses as the other teams. But often winning 2-1 makes the aggregate far from 2nd and 3rd place at that time EVOS and RRQ.

However, they have proven that they can defeat ONIC Esports, who are ranked 1st in the regular season with a total of 11 wins and only lost 3 times. Even in the regular season, BTR has never managed to beat ONIC.

In the Upper Bracket Final, Bigetron Alpha will fight against EVOS Legends, who have advanced earlier.

Bigetron Alpha has an interesting record because they were able to beat EVOS Legends in the previous two meetings in the regular round.

Will his record continue or be broken when we meet tonight? We'll just wait, Vicigers friends

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